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  1. For how long does my license last?

    Thank you so much for clarifying this. That answers my question about the license.
  2. has nothing to say.

  3. Hey guys, since VB is going down after Kier and 2 other main developers left who really were the brain of the whole project. IPB is my choice. So i wanted to ask, If i buy IP.Board for $149, it doesn't mean that i will have to upgrade to get all upgrades and bug fixes every 6 months, right? Once i buy it, it will never expire, right? I'm asking this because it said "$25 will due to July 2010" which was a little bit confusing. Thanks!
  4. Windows 7 - Any good?

    I like it to be honest, even I'm kind of a Linux fan these days, I find Windows 7 pretty stable and solid. Except that it's kind of expensive, it's really good.
  5. Game recommendations

    I would recommend GTA SA. I think it's the best of GTA series even GTA IV doesn't stand a chance. I miss country and all freedom... There are better physics in IV but it's not worth it ihmo..
  6. I came to bring the stars for you..:)

  7. what's REM? =)

  8. aww.. too bad.. i don't have the money for this either.. :( I'm wondering how the exam looks like.. what questions/tests are there.. any examples..?

  9. No it is not free and you can not take it online.

  10. hmm... is this exam free..? And can i take it online..?

  11. me too.. more more stars for you :D

  12. Have a great summer CEO! :) It's warming up here.. :)

  13. There is an official Zend (the company behind PHP) certification scheme