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IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: Fraud Rules

IP.Nexus is our hugely popular eCommerce and business management application for the IPS Community Suite. Over the past few weeks we've been working on lots of new features and enhancements for the next version of IP.Nexus (version 1.5).

The first change we wanted to share with you is called Fraud Rules.

For a long time, IP.Nexus has provided integration with MaxMind for anti-fraud measures. However, this is limited only to holding or refusing transactions based on the MaxMind score. You might want to, for example, manually review all transactions where, for example, the user's billing address doesn't match their physical location (which MaxMind can detect) - or perhaps you don't want to use MaxMind and want to manually review all orders over a certain amount, or all orders from particular countries - this is where Fraud Rules comes in.

IP.Nexus 1.5 allows you to create as many Fraud Rules as you like based on a wide range of criteria - each Fraud Rule is checked in the order you specify and the last that matches is what is used.

This is what the management screen looks like:

Here you can see I've set up a number of rules (the names are assigned by you as a reference for what the rule does) - I've created rules so that if the amount is over $100 or the the customer is paying by PayPal and has not made any previous purchases, the payment will be held for manual approval, unless the customer is in the "Administrators" group.

This is just an example of what you might do - there is a wide range of criteria that you can base rules on. Here is what the add/edit page for a rule looks like:

If MaxMind is enabled, even more options are available:

The full list of what you can base rules on is:
  • The transaction amount (greater than, less than or equal to X)
  • Payment method used was (multi-select)
  • Customer is in usergroup (multi-select)
  • Customer's email address (is/contains X)
  • Customer's billing address country (multi-select)
  • Customer has made X approved transactions (greater than, less than or equal to X)
  • Customer has made X approved transactions which have been blocked by Fraud Rules or manually refused by an administrator (greater than, less than or equal to X)
  • Coupon was used (yes/no)
  • MaxMind: Score (greater than, less than or equal to X)
  • MaxMind: Customer's billing address is valid (yes/no)
  • MaxMind: Customer's billing address matches their IP address location (yes/no)
  • MaxMind: Customer's phone number matches their billing address (yes/no)
  • MaxMind: Likeliness that customer is using an IP address proxy (greater than, less than or equal to X)
  • MaxMind: Customer is using a free email provider (yes/no)
  • MaxMind: Customer's email address is considered "High Risk" (yes/no)
  • MaxMind: Customer's username is considered "High Risk" (yes/no)

You can then choose whether the transaction should be approved, held for approval or refused based on the conditions specified.
You can also set the rule to ban the customer if it used (which you might use, for example, to ban someone if they make X transactions which are blocked by Fraud Rules).

For each rule, you can specify any number of the conditions available - the conditions you don't specify will be ignored and the rule will only be used if all conditions specified match.

As mentioned earlier, the rules are checked in order and the last that matches is used, with this in mind and the ability for a rule to approve a transaction, you can add additional rules to specify circumstances where a customer can bypass a rule (in my example above, I've set it up so Administrators are exempt from all rules).

The new Fraud Rules feature gives complete control over your transactions and will hopefully ease some of the headache of manually approving transactions.

This is of course just the first of many features and enhancements we have planned for IP.Nexus 1.5 - stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks!

As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions unrelated to this blog entry, please post them in the IP.Nexus forum :smile:

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