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IP.Gallery 4.2.0: Functionality improvements

IP.Gallery is our popular photo and movie sharing platform for IP.Board. We've been working on updates and I wanted to take you through several today.

You've already read about the bigger features for IP.Gallery 4.2.0 such as tagging, quick navigation, moderators' control panel, album selector and the Admin CP updates.

This entry covers a few of the smaller updates - most of which have been requested via our feedback forums.

Image View Updates
We've made a few cosmetic changes to the view image page to bring it inline with IP.Board 3.2's look and feel. The image title /follow image button is now in the same format as a topic title for consistency.

Image Only Global Album
We've now made it possible to have a global album that only accepts images and not albums.

Sort by title
You can now sort an album by image title. This can be set when adding or editing an album as well as being available dynamically.

Like and Reputation
We've added in the like / reputation button. The screen shot shows the system in the 'like' mode. If you chose reputation mode, it would display the plus and minus buttons as normal.

Member's Album
We've added in an enforced global album named 'Member's Album'. This is the default parent for any new member albums. This helps to separate the global albums a little and allows you to better set permissions. If you only want your members to create albums in your existing global albums, then you can deny permission via the edit album feature.

This wraps up our series of IP.Gallery updates. I hope you've enjoyed them!



Recommended Comments

There is no need for me to upload a zip file.

What I would like to see:
1. optional copyright field
2. comment moderation for image uploader
3. nicer image full view with next image navigation in full view mode

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4.2.0 should be releasing some critical features I've really been needing for my community website.

Tagging, Image Only Global Albums, and Reputation are all features I've really been needing. I was somewhat disappointed when I upgraded from the 3.0.2 version to find none of these features existed, but I'm very happy to hear they'll be in the next update.

Keep up the great work.

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