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IP.Gallery 4.2.0: Album Selector

IP.Gallery is our popular photo and movie sharing platform for IP.Board.

Today, I wanted to take you through an important part of the IP.Gallery 4.2 update; the album selector.

At various places within IP.Gallery, there is a need to select an album. This may be because you're creating a new album; choosing an album to upload into; moving images or moving albums. In the current version, this is achieved with a simple drop down list to allow an album selection.

This isn't ideal because it's unclear which albums are yours and which are global albums and when you have a lot of albums, it produces a very long and confusing list of album names.

IP.Gallery 4.2 introduces a dynamic album selector that is used everywhere you need to select an album.

It offers a much better view of available albums:

  • The selector separates out global albums from member albums.
  • You can also search for albums which is great if you're performing moderation tasks.
  • You can quickly select from recently selected albums easily.
  • It is context sensitive and displays only albums available for the task you're performing.

I've recorded a short video so you can see this in action.

I hope you've enjoyed this update. It'll certainly make your day to day Gallery tasks much easier! It's also available from the Admin CP too.


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Just to clarify: Does it allow regular members (not using moderation tools) to move pictures from one album to another?

Glad to see the changes coming to IP.G and look forward to the next announcement, thanks Matt!

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  • Management

This fixes many issues reported multiple times. The drop down boxes weren't always populated with the right data. This fixes several bugs and addresses several complaints.

Please make a note of any other feedback in the gallery feedback forum. Thanks!

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Matt, I never understand why, in your videos, the loading time is so long? You're working on localhost and yet we're seeing 3-4 second delays between tab switching? It's something which irks me as localhost response times should be near-instant, and I know that it isn't the software (or is it? :P) because it runs fast enough on my localhost and my online environment too..

Anyway, great new feature, I am sure this will come in very handy :)

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  • Management

Usually when I hit record, Time Machine decides to run. Quicktime itself tends to slow down localhost too - or at least Safari.

And of course, I have Zend Studio, Versions, Coda and a dozen other apps open.

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