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IP.Gallery 4.2.0: Album Selector

IP.Gallery is our popular photo and movie sharing platform for IP.Board.

Today, I wanted to take you through an important part of the IP.Gallery 4.2 update; the album selector.

At various places within IP.Gallery, there is a need to select an album. This may be because you're creating a new album; choosing an album to upload into; moving images or moving albums. In the current version, this is achieved with a simple drop down list to allow an album selection.

This isn't ideal because it's unclear which albums are yours and which are global albums and when you have a lot of albums, it produces a very long and confusing list of album names.

IP.Gallery 4.2 introduces a dynamic album selector that is used everywhere you need to select an album.

It offers a much better view of available albums:

  • The selector separates out global albums from member albums.
  • You can also search for albums which is great if you're performing moderation tasks.
  • You can quickly select from recently selected albums easily.
  • It is context sensitive and displays only albums available for the task you're performing.

I've recorded a short video so you can see this in action.

I hope you've enjoyed this update. It'll certainly make your day to day Gallery tasks much easier! It's also available from the Admin CP too.

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