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IP.Gallery 4.2.0: Tagging, ModCP and Quick Navigation

IP.Gallery is our popular photo and movie sharing platform for IP.Board. We've been working on updates and I wanted to take you through a few of them today.

IP.Board 3.2 introduced many new core features such as tagging and a Moderators' Control Panel. These features were written to allow other applications to take advantage of them easily to unify the various apps.

We've introduced these new features into Gallery 4.2.

Tagging allows you to 'tag' an image with data. You can then search these tags to return all matches. This allows you to add secondary categorical data to your images and movies. You can allow your members to add new tags freely or limit them to presets you set up. You can override the presets on a per album basis.

You can add tags when adding or editing images.

The tags appear under the image name when viewing an image.

You can search a tag and find all matching images.

Quick Navigation
IP.Gallery now supports the quick navigation panel which is launched when you click the icon just below the search box. It contains a list of all Global albums and also a list of your own albums so you can go to an album quickly.

Moderators' Control Panel
IP.Board added a central control panel for moderators. This makes finding and approving unapproved content much easier than navigating through the forums and apps to locate them. Both comments and images are supported.

These additions tie IP.Gallery into the IP.Board framework for a cohesive integrated feel across the products.

I hope you've enjoyed this update, we've got more to follow!



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The tags are nice and useful, I am just afraid they may later collide with the 'custom fields' function which has been requested by many admins - just a remark. Fingers crossed to further development.

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  • Management

[quote name='Maxxius' timestamp='1320315335']
when will you add youtube video support and video galleries?

There's loads we'd love to add in and video support is on the list. Our main aim is to tune Gallery 4 first. Then we can start adding in large new features.

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  • Management

[quote name='Sat0ri' timestamp='1320341253']
Oh, one gripe... Can we PLEASE get a smoother-running slideshow, and make it accessible from the individual photo pages as well?

I'll look and see if I can add the slide show on the image page before the release.

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I'd like to see improvement of the situation with the button "My gallery". It would be much more convenient if she has appeared as soon as the user loads the first image in the gallery (without the need to create a personal album). And I hope very much that finally it will be quick access to its images from the profile.

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