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IP.Board 3.2.0: Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Updates

IP.Board was one of the first boards to recognise the importance of attracting visitors via popular social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

We have matured this integration over the past few years and IP.Board 3.2.0 offers several new enhancements. Firstly, the pop-up dialogs have undergone a facelift to make them easier to use and easier to recognise which social networking account you are posting from.

We've used the modal functionality to display these pop-ups to give some more room to display the data. The Facebook pop-up also has the 'Like' button included inside the box. Many customers were uncomfortable with strong Facebook branding appearing prominently on their site. Although in many ways the 'Like' functionality is similar to 'Share', there are some keen differences on how the 'Like' data is displayed in one's Facebook feed so we felt it pertinent to keep both methods.

IP.Board was also ahead of the curve in providing a dedicated mobile theme for your users on smart phones. We recently blogged about this but we've gone ahead and added full Facebook and Twitter functionality to the mobile theme.

You can now log in using Facebook or Twitter and share topics to Facebook and Twitter. Below are some screen shots of this new functionality in action.

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