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IP.Nexus 1.1 Dev Update: Mass Payments

IP.Nexus allows members to earn account credit using referrals and the IP.Downloads integration. Members can then (if you allow) request payouts in their client area.

Until now, these payouts had to be handled manually one by one. PayPal supports a feature called Mass Payments which allows you to make multiple payments at once.
The way Mass Payments works is in your PayPal account you simply upload a "Mass Payment File" which instructs PayPal to send out multiple payments.
In IP.Nexus 1.1 we have added a feature to generate Mass Payment Files.

When viewing the payouts screen in IP.Nexus 1.1, you'll notice 2 new buttons:

When you click the "Mass Payment" button you'll be shown a list of payouts that are eligable for Mass Payments (that is, payout requests requesting to be paid by PayPal). Simply check the checkboxes for the requests you wish to fill and click the button at the bottom:

A file will download to your computer which is the Mass Payment File that you will supply to PayPal.

In your PayPal account you then simply go to the Mass Payment page and upload this file:

PayPal will then allow to review and send out payments.

Note that this feature requires a PayPal Business Account.

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