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What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? ACP Live Search and Dashboard

One of the most commonly used features in the Admin control panel is the live search feature. This is a great way to quickly locate settings and even Admin CP pages.

In IP.Board 3.1.0, we did have quick search boxes for forums and members on the dashboard but these were not always to hand. Often you need to search for a member or forum and have to navigate through to the correct section.

In IP.Board 3.1.2 we have extended the live search to include matches from forum names, group titles, group settings and members (display name and email address). Simply tapping in a phrase will return all the relevant matches.

In this example, we can see that "admin" has matched a member's email address, a forum name and group settings as well as an Admin CP page and some settings. Simply clicking on the link will take you to the relevant page. In the case of a member, this is the edit page for them; likewise you are taken to the edit page when clicking on a group's name.

By moving these search features into the global search bar, we've created a much cleaner ACP Dashboard.

We've also made the dashboard warnings and new version notifications much more prominent, so you can clearly see when there is an issue requiring your attention.

In addition, in an effort to ensure there are no dashboard warnings on a fresh install, the installer will automatically lock itself (thus not prompting you to delete admin/install/index.php) and new users will be able to (optionally) enter the license key into the installer.

Little usability tweaks such as these really make daily tasks more efficient which makes administrating your IP.Board even more pleasant!

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