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IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev News: Twitter Integration

I had previously blogged about the status update improvements coming in IP.Board 3.1.0. This blog runs through some exciting new integration features with Twitter.

As IP.Board already has Facebook integration, it makes sense to also integrate Twitter. This further lowers the bar when registering a new account on your forum. If your visitors have have a Twitter account, they can use this to register a new forum account or to "connect" their existing account with their Twitter account.

Integrating your Twitter account allows you to use your Twitter profile picture and description on the board.

You can also import your latest Twitter status onto the board, or post your board status to Twitter. If your forum status is longer than 140 characters, it will cut the status off and automatically add a Bit.ly URL pointing to your forum status update.

You may note that each status update on the forum has a little icon showing where the status originated.

These improvements should increase registrations on your board and generate more traffic to it.

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