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Community Skins Preview

Since IP.Board 3.0.0 was a brand new release, it shipped with a brand new design. This design was intended to be easy-to-use, whilst looking as attractive as possible. However, some may prefer the older versions and this is where our newest community project steps in.

For the past few weeks, the skinners from our Community Developer team have been hard at work reviving three classic skins from the IP.Board 2.x range. These are: IP.Board Classic Blue, IP.Board Pro, and IPSBeyond. Each skin has been ported to successfully work with IP.Board 3.0, whilst keeping the look and feel where possible, of IP.Board 2.3.

All three skins have the appropriate templates for all the addons, and are available for preview right here on the company forums! Please be aware that this is a preview and there will still be small issues with the skins, try to think of this as a pre-beta. For the IP.Board Classic Blue and IP.Board Pro skins, the button icons have not been finalised and will change between now and the beta.

We are hoping to have this preview available for around a week, and expect a beta to follow shortly which you can all install on your own forums and help us find any remaining bugs. We have set up a new forum for questions on this new community project, and there is also a new bug tracker category set up for reporting bugs.

This is just the start of the Community Skins project, and we hope to be able to bring you quality, free skins in the near-future. Finally, hats off to the Community Developer team for creating an amazing new project.

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