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Introducing IP.Converge Modules

IP.Converge is designed to be an open platform allowing any application to share a common authentication method. This allows sites on different servers, and using different products, to let users access it with a 'global' login.

Unfortunately due to limitations within IP.Converge, only a handful of IPS applications utilised it. However, with the recent introduction of IP.Converge 1.1, functionality has been added to allow 3rd-party applications which use a different password hashing system, to integrate with Converge itself.

Being able to integrate popular products seamlessly was an opportunity we simply could not miss! We have noticed that modifications integrating products such as Joomla and Wordpress with IP.Board were so commonly requested, that we had to do something about it.

Introducing IP.Converge Modules
As many of you will be aware of, we have a team of Community Developers who actively develop and maintain our community-projects; IP.Tracker and IP.Shoutbox. We now have a new project that has been in development for some time, IP.Converge Modules. We are starting off with modules for integrating Joomla, WordPress and WordPress MU with IP.Converge and further modules will follow in the near future. You may have read our community developers talking about the development of these on the forums already.

This new range of community projects should prove a popular addition. Available for beta testing, we currently have IPC.Joomla and IPC.WordPress, a separate module is available for WordPress MU users (IPC.WordPress MU). These Converge-ready applications will integrate your existing Converge applications with these popular products. If you wanted to, you could link up multiple Joomla/WordPress installations with your IP.Board, as Converge supports this very well.

For the first release, the modules will offer simple integration compatible with IP.Converge, however in the near future more extension sets will be available for download. These extension sets will each offer a different level of integration for the products, but for now we are simply focusing on integrating these popular products.

To avoid confusion surrounding the products named 'JIB' and 'WIB' developed by Brandon D, IPC.Joomla, IPC.WordPress and IPC.WordPress MU are in fact the new 'JIB' and 'WIB'. Brandon D has been leading this new community project, and therefore work on his two old projects has been carried over to this community project.

You can download the beta releases of these Converge modules here, and the new forums have now been revealed, please feel free to ask any questions there! The Resource site's community project page has also been updated to reflect this new addition! Finally, a new bug tracker project has been set up to allow you to report bugs in these modules.

These converge modules require the PHP version that the product requires, for example to install IPC.Joomla, you will need a PHP version which is compatible with Joomla itself.

IP.Converge 1.1.0 RC 2
To go alongside this release, the second release-candidate of IP.Converge is now available for download for those with an active IP.Board license. Please continue to report any bugs you find in the IP.Converge bug tracker.

In order to install the Converge modules, you must be using at least IP.Converge 1.1 RC 2.

We hope that these new two projects will go a long way and prove to be a very popular addition.



Recommended Comments

@ejraven: See the IPS Resources page on it for details: http://resources.invisionpower.com/index.php/community_projects/converge_modules/

@Captain: If you're asking whether people logging into IPB3 through those channels would be supported in these modules then yes, assuming IPB3 calls the proper Converge methods like they do with the normal login and registration routines. If you're asking whether OpenID & Facebook Connect on Joomla/WordPress would be supported, yes as well. You'd have to install a 3rd party plugin to enable OpenID/FC, but as long as they follow the standards set by Joomla and WP then they'd be fine. Either way, I'd test it out first :)

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In theory any website can become an OpenID Provider. Do you mean will IPC itself support OpenID on it's front end for users to login to IPC itself? It's a nice idea and so far not included in 1.1, but that's a question for Mark.

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Where is the docs on what has been fixed in Converge since last release and also the Joomla and Wp modules? So these are the same modules that have been out for the longest just renamed so far at this point? I like to see a PHPFox module done. This Joomla and WP thing has been going on for years now it seem.

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This may get me getting a IP license, as I am trying to refresh my website. May I ask, what the extension sets do you mean? Do you mean modules within Joomla which feature things like 'newest user blogs (from IP.Blog) and other things like newest pictures uploaded (IP.Gallery)?

While I know that IP.Board and Converge are still in beta, and code is 'ready when it's ready', do you have any predictions on when it's going to happen if at all? This is because I'm trying to think of the best time to migrate over to IP.Board and start development of my new website.

Also, if Drupal is also going to be developed into something similar, would it get similar extension sets?

Is it possible to 'sponsor' extension set support to get it pushed out faster?


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Extension sets are groups of application-specific plugins/extensions used to provide a level of integration. Currently, we only have the IP.Converge Ready extension set, which allows the application to become fully converge-ready (basically, it provides full user integration). The IP.Board Extension Set is essentially the IP.Converge Ready extension set with additional integration with an IP.Board install. So yes, this kind of extension set would allow you to do things such as display IPB statistics on your website, post topics as blog entries and comments as replies, display the user's website activity on their IPB profile, etc.

There isn't an official timeline available for IPB3, but I'd wager to say you're looking at another month or so at least. IP.Converge 1.1 is mostly stable but I don't think IPS is in any rush to push out a stable release. Last I heard it was planned to be released around the time IPB3 is, but that may have changed.

Drupal will definitely get the IP.Converge Ready extension set and we'll do our best to write an IP.Board Integration set for it as well.

Re the sponsorship, I'm not personally accepting money for this project.

Let me know if you have any other questions =)

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