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Keith J. Kacin

Tickets, tickets, and more tickets.

So Charles doesn't feel so lonely here, I've decided to post an entry...

These past two days have been quite the change from what it has been recently. The number of tickets per day has honestly increased tenfold. But that is expected with a new release, right? Almost every ticket is getting a response within the first 24 hours of being opened, which is an amazing feat itself. We have knocked down the tickets over 50% from what they were this morning, but there is a steady flow of them coming in.

This has been one of the smoothest releases since I've worked here - most of the issues we are seeing are either server issues, or other issues that could have been avoided. That brings me to a couple of reminders.

  1. See: Charles' post below.
    There is a lot of confusion on the upgrade system. Particularly one setting that allows you to run the queries manually. It seems some users are selecting this, but not running the queries. This causes the board to think it was upgraded, when it actually wasn't. This can cause you to get 'IPS Driver Errors'. If you are comfortable with databases, you can fix this by removing the 2.2 upgrade rows from the ibf_upgrade_history table, and rerunning the upgrade without checking the box to manually run queries. We are working on ways to make this not an issue for future releases.

  2. Be sure to check out our Knowledge Base.
    We have been adding patches/information in that as we find issues. We also have a bunch of articles on pre-2.2 issues. So if you have an issue, please see if it is covered in the Knowledge Base. Most articles include patches that you can even apply yourself, so there will be no delay getting it fixed.
Well, that is about it for now. To everyone who has submitted a ticket - we haven't forgotten or lost your ticket. We are going through them as fast as we can, and you will get a response as soon as possible. Thank you for patience with this during this busy time.

Off to go answer some more tickets. :)

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