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Invision Community has everything a business needs to build and maintain a thriving online community, from flexible moderation and permissions tools, to spam management and content promotion.

Content Apps


The successor to our extremely popular IP.Board product, the Forums module powers hundreds of millions of discussions around the web.

Blog Updated

Provide users with the tools to create their own blog within your community - their place to get their views across.


Share documents, resources and more with our powerful file manager. Also integrates with our Commerce tools to enable purchasable downloads.

Question & Answers

Encourage knowledge sharing with question & answer forums. Questions bubble up based on votes, and best answers are highlighted for greater visibility.


Create community event pages across multiple calendars, with RSVP support, iCal syncing, venues and more.

Gallery Updated

Add photo and video sharing to your community, allowing users to create and share their own albums.

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Clubs & Social Groups

User-Created Communities

Clubs allow users to create and manage their own communities, fully integrated with your site and with full oversight from your own staff. Club leaders can add new sections to their club, like forums, galleries, calendars and more.

Public, Private, Open, Closed

Clubs have a range of privacy settings, from fully public to entirely private (though still with oversight), to cover every need.

Paid Club Memberships New

New in 4.3, users can create paid clubs, requiring a membership fee (one-time or recurring) to be paid before joining. Your site can take an optional commission, with the club owner receiving the balance.

Member Approval

Club leaders and moderators have full control over members joining their club, with a one-click approval system.

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User Engagement & Gamification


Express sentiment with customizable reactions throughout the community, with positive and negative reactions tying into our reputation system.


Identify your most valuable users - and troublemakers - with our reputation system. Users earn reputation points which are prominently shown beside their content.


Users can earn trophies by being the highest-scoring each day, and a leaderboard keeps track of the highest-ranked.

Automatic Group Promotion

Automatically move users between groups as they meet certain criteria you define - a great way to drip feed access as they prove themselves.

Notifications & Digests

Users can opt in to email notifications - immediate, daily or weekly - so they're always receiving fresh content from your community.

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Content Discovery

Activity Streams

Users see the content they're interested in with customizable, shareable activity streams, packed with filter options.

Promoted Content

Highlight the best content from across the community on the Our Picks page. Plus, include these picks as enticing click-throughs in the footer of your site emails.

Comprehensive Searching Updated

A full search engine is included with precise controls for finding content. Invision Community also support ElasticSearch for advanced search features such as stemming and misspellings.

Feature Noteworthy Content

Draw attention individual pieces of content within its respective app by adding a Featured flag.

Highlight Valuable Replies

Don't let great replies containing valuable information get lost among the noise. Add a Recommended flag and they'll be brought to the top of the page for greater visibility.


Users can tag content across the community for better organization. Allow free-form tagging, or restrict to pre-defined tags to keep content easy to find later.

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Content Editing

Rich Text Editing

Our powerful rich text editor is central to all content creation in the community. Customize the toolbar with drag'n'drop and install new formatting plugins. Users see their content exactly as it'll appear on the page.


Mention other users simply by typing @name. Invision Community will notify the mentioned user, if they have opted in to notifications.

Automatic Rich Embedding

Invision Community supports rich embedding from a wide range of sites, from YouTube and Vimeo to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Paste a link to an image, and it'll instantly appear in the editor.

Drag'n'Drop Uploads

Upload images and other files to content simply by dragging them onto the editor. It's never been easier to share rich content with a community.

Custom Emoji Updated

Users can use the Emojis they know and love, right from their device. Plus, add custom emoji specific to your brand and users will be able to select those in the editor too.

Create Custom Buttons

Need some custom-formatted content? Create custom editor buttons using simple HTML. Add it to your community's editor, and now it's easy to insert into content.

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Monetization & eCommerce

Sell Premium Subscriptions Updated

Create subscription packages to monetize access to your community. Packages can be optional or required, one-time or renewing. Invision Community automatically handles member group adjustments when a subscription lapses.

Set up multiple tiers, each with unique benefits such as access to private forums, more upload space, new features and more.

Advertising Support

Invision Community integrates with your existing ad platform (e.g. Google AdSense), enabling you to show ads automatically in key page locations. You can even sell advertising space to your members via self-service ad packages.

Paid Clubs New

Allow users to create their own membership areas within your community with paid clubs. You can take a cut of any subscriptions, passing the balance on to the club owner.

Full Featured Web Store

Sell physical and digital products to your members via our built-in store. Set up products, manage inventory and shipping, offer sale and loyalty discounts and much more.

Support Desk

Invision Community includes a fully-featured support desk for handling enquiries. Create departments with unique email addresses, assign and track tickets and monitor staff performance. Our own support team use it every day!

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Content Management System

Custom Pages

Build custom pages within your community, or even whole websites. Our page editor allows you to drag'n'drop content, or use full HTML & CSS - whichever you prefer.

Create Reusable Blocks

Create reusable feeds of data from across the community in special blocks. Drag'n'drop blocks to any page in your community to show data that's most useful to your members. You can even embed these blocks on non-Invision Community pages.

Build New Apps

Use our custom database feature to build complete new apps unique to your site. Create categories and custom fields, and design the look of your app with custom templates.

Data from your apps is fully integrated with the community, including activity streams, search engine and notification system.

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User Management

Custom Profile Fields

Collect additional information from users with profile fields. Set them to be private or public, required or optional. 20 different field types are supported!

Single Sign On

Invision Community supports a range of platforms out of the box, including Wordpress, LDAP and oAuth2. Now users can have a single account for both your community and existing site!

Cover Photos

Users can add interest to their own profiles and express their personality by uploading cover photos.

Profile Completion Flow

Encourage users to fill out their profile more completely. Specify which steps are required for membership. Create custom actions such as visiting your external TOS page.

User Profiles

Each user has their own profile page, gathering the content they create in one handy place as well as their reputation and trophies. Moderators get a simple overview of warnings issued, too.

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Spam Defense

IPS Spam Defense Service

Included with all plans is the IPS Spam Defense Service, which works in the background to pre-screen all new members visiting your site. Using heuristics to determine whether a user is a known spammer, it returns a confidence rating. You decide how to handle likely spammers, be it requiring approval of their content or rejecting the registration.

One-Click Cleanup

If spam does make it into your community, it's easy to clean up - simply flag the responsible user as a spammer, and they'll be banned and all content removed with one click.

ReCaptcha Updated

Invision Community also supports Google's new Invisible Recaptcha, checking user registrations for signs of being a bot - without requiring users to complete difficult Captcha images.

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Comprehensive Warning System

Track troublesome users across your site. Create predefined warning levels and messages for moderators to use. Apply automatic sanctions to users when certain thresholds are reached.

Crowd Sourced Moderation New

Ensure problematic content is dealt with even if staff aren't available by using automatic predefined actions when enough users report a problem.

Moderation Workflows

Prevent repetition by saving common moderator workflows. One click can move a topic, lock it, pin it and reply with a preformatted message!

Content-level Notices

Dealing with a topic on a divisive issue? Moderators can add content-level notices in a variety of styles, to remind users of rules, expecations and boundaries.

Bad Word & Link Filtering

Prevent unacceptable language from being used throughout the community with customizable bad-word lists and external link white or black-listing.

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Security & Privacy

Precise Permissions

Control exactly who can see different parts of your community - and what they can do. Invision Community's permission system is incredibly powerful, and yet easy to set up.

Per-User Layered Permissions

With secondary user groups, it's easy to create a fine-grained, layered approach to permissions, with users inheriting access from each of their assigned groups.

GDPR Data Protection Tools

Invision Community can assist you in meeting your GDPR data protection obligations, with tools like informed consent, cookie acknowledgement and user data erasure.

Two Factor Authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your community with 2FA. Support for Authy and Google Authenticator is included out of the box, with options to decide which groups are required to use it.

Private Communities

Invision Community supports entirely private communities. Don't want visitors to be able to see anything before joining (or paying, if you have a paid membership community)? No problem!

Sell Enhanced Access

Invision Community's layered approach to permissions faciliates selling premium access. Paying members get moved to different groups depending on the package they choose, allowing you to create different tiers of access, each with its own perks and bonuses.

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Social & Promotion

Scheduled Promotions

Share your best content to Facebook & Twitter encourage clicks back to your site. Schedule promoted content to post at the ideal time, with additional images and text too.

Social Network Sharing

Users can share their favorite content to popular social networks in a couple of clicks, thanks to easily accessible social sharing buttons on all content.

Sign In With Social Networks

Reduce onboarding friction by enabling users to sign in to your community with their existing social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Targeted Email Promotion

Segment users and send promotional emails with news, discounts, product information or hot content from your community.

Optimized For Search Engines (SEO)

Invision Community is designed from the ground up to be friendly for search engines, helping your content to rank higher. We use proven white-hat techniques and technologies to help you beat competitors.

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Change Colors, Upload Logos

Customize the look of your community - no design skill needed. Choose new colors and upload logos with our point-and-click editor.

Full Control For Design Team

For those who desire more control over styling, full HTML & CSS editing is available, allowing you change practically any aspect of the design.

Drag'n'Drop Customization

Customize the data that's shown on your community pages with our drag'n'drop block system. Invision Community enables you to tailor your user experience specifically to your requirements.

Full Localization Support

Invision Community supports any number of languages via third-party language packs - or create your own in the AdminCP. The best language is automatically selected for users based on their browser settings.

Easy Language Editor

Use Invision Community's innovative easy language editor to simply point, click and type to enter new translations for any words you see in the interface.

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Invision Community includes a full REST API, allowing you to programatically pull your data into third-party applications, or create new data in your community.

First Class Support

We're known for our excellent support. Plans include access to our ticket system where our techs are on hand to assist you with problems, concerns and questions.

IPS Marketplace

Go beyond the standard features and add third-party plugins, applications and themes to your community. Our Marketplace has hundreds of products to choose from - many of them free.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrading your community is easy. When a new version is available, your AdminCP will let you know, and then it's just a couple of clicks to automatically apply the new release.