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REST API Documentation


Edit a member

This endpoint is only available for requests made using an API Key or the Client Credentials Grant Type, not using an OAuth Access Token for a particular member.


Name Type Description
name string Username
email string Email address
password string Password (standard login handler only)
group int|array Group ID number ; if an array was provided, the first item will be used for the primary group and everything else for the secondary.
registrationIpAddress string IP Address
secondaryGroups array Secondary group IDs, or empty value to reset secondary groups
customFields object Array of custom fields as fieldId => fieldValue
validated int Flag to indicate if the account is validated (1) or not (0)
rawProperties array Key => value object of member properties to set. Note that values will be set exactly as supplied without validation. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


Code Message Description
2C292/7 INVALID_ID The member ID does not exist
1C292/4 USERNAME_EXISTS The username provided is already in use
1C292/5 EMAIL_EXISTS The email address provided is already in use
1C292/6 INVALID_GROUP The group ID provided is not valid
1C292/7 INVALID_GROUP A secondary group ID provided is not valid


Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Username
title string Member title
timezone string Member timezone
formattedName string Username with group formatting
ipAddress string IP address used during registration
primaryGroup group object Primary group
secondaryGroups array of group objects Secondary groups
email string Email address
joined datetime Registration date
registrationIpAddress string IP address when registered
warningPoints int Number of active warning points
reputationPoints int Number of reputation points
photoUrl string URL to photo (which will be the site's default if they haven't set one)
photoUrlIsDefault bool Indicates if the value of photoUrl is the site's default
coverPhotoUrl string URL to profile cover photo (will be blank if there isn't one)
profileUrl string|null URL to profile
validating bool Whether or not the validating flag is set on the member account
posts int Number of content item submissions member has made
lastActivity datetime|null Last activity date on the site.
lastVisit datetime|null Last distinct visit date on the site.
lastPost datetime|null Latest content submission date.
profileViews int Number of times member's profile has been viewed
birthday string Member birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format (or MM/DD format if no year has been supplied).
customFields array of fieldgroup objects Custom profile fields. For requests using an OAuth Access Token for a particular member, only fields the authorized user can view will be included
rank array of rank objects Rank
achievements_points int Points
allowAdminEmails bool Whether or not this member wants to receive admin emails

group object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Name
formattedName string Name with formatting

fieldgroup object

Name Type Description
name string Group name
fields array of field objects Fields

field object

Name Type Description
name string Field name
value string Value

rank object

Name Type Description
id int ID number
name string Name
url string Path to the rank icon
points int Points
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