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  1. Where do you see awards? It's saying "Trophies and Medals" for me. The image size is working for me on https://fosters.space/index.php?/profile/1-admin/&tab=node_trophies_TrophiesAndMedals and https://fosters.space/index.php?/trophies/ 😞
  2. Is the setting "Allow Moderator to Award Medal?" enabled and does the moderator have permissions to award medals? There's a button on a profile if the setting is enabled and if the moderator has the proper permissions!
  3. I see. please ignore the instructions if you’re not using the pages application. once it’s installed , edit your group permissions to allow them to use bookmarks, that’s all:) I‘ll improve the instructions to make it less confusing.
  4. 1) yes 2) yes, just use the IPS modules permissions to allow only admins to see the page, same with the menu manager where you’re able to control who’ll see the Navbar link 3) it’s just download it from the marketplace and follow the instructions in your ACP on the applications - install page
  5. I guess this was an oversight. I've changed this for the next version :)
  6. I really can't reproduce this local 😞
  7. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Pages is an own application from IPS?!
  8. This weekend:) All the template hooks had to be modified to work with the new 4.5 version 😕
  9. I'm really sorry for this, this was fixed, and is awaiting approval I can't reproduce the editing issue. Creating, editing and deleting them works fine for me. What's the full url where you see the error?
  10. Fixed. This works with custom uploads and with FA icons for me.
  11. Is this happening with the default theme? Could anybody with the issues send me a PM with FTP credentials to take a look at this. I've just installed it on https://fosters.space/index.php?/trophies/ and it works fine for me there.
  12. Do you see the same error as @Chris59 ? What's the logged error? (ACP => System => System Log)
  13. What's New in Version 3.3.0 Released August 3 Fixed broken members name in topics A new setting was added to the position form, which allows the admin to enable/disable the replacement of the 'create topic' form A new setting was added to enable public polls. Changed Langstring from the application forms submit button from "save" to "submit". Fixed the broken profile link in the ModCP - Overview Removed Notification feature if the submissions aren't posted to the ModCP Fixed broken redirect page Added Comments to submissions Moved the show on index and show in modcp settings to top of the form Allow Guests to use forms
  14. Changehistory 3.0.0 Alpha 1 Added new criteria system. Adds a new setting to show trophies below the users signature inside posts. Adds a new setting to show trophies on a members hovercard. Added the total awarded members count to the trophies and medals overview page. Added a new setting to set the position inside the postbit ( above avatar, under avater, at the end of the list ) Improved the way how trophies are awarded. Improved the way how trophies are shown in the ACP List. Improved the way how trophies are shown on the frontend- added a hover feature with the description. Fixed broken profile link on the ACP-Trophy&Medal Log page. Fixed an issue preventing emojis being shown as trophy title.
  15. Yes, this will be possible with the upcoming release for 4.5 which will be released next monday. I'm confused by your quote?!
  16. Fixed for the next release. I have some further ideas for minor enhancements which I'm going to include over the weekend.
  17. Sorry, quite busy with real life and porting my stuff to 4.5. Looking at this right now
  18. It's a new site. Open your ACP - Menu manager and place the new menu tab wherever you want.
  19. It seems that it’s a valid bug. I’ll make sure to fix this for the next release
  20. There’s a migration script but I’m not sure if it still works . You could just recreate the same medals/trophies and they’ll then be awarded automatically to your members
  21. Thx for the kind words. Could I probably get ACP access to take a look at this ?
  22. Yes, you can close the issues and feature requests via the commit message.
  23. Trophies are awarded when the members object is saved( meaning while the login process or when the member edits his profile) removing trophies isn’t possible right now, but will be with the version for 4.5
  24. It’s working and the IPS 4.5 version is also ready, we’re just waiting for an official RC candidate before we release our 4.5 versions to the marketplace.
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