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  1. The title of the poll lacks the number of votes. See attachment.
  2. @Tom Christian I have the same problem. The theme is not public. if you need I can give you access to the site.
  3. Yes, I prefer the 2nd row. The reasons are: The second row is more "space saving". In my language, the translation of "views" is particularly long. As you can see in the screenshot, the text goes over the user profile photo. If you don't want to implement it as an option, can you suggest me how to change it? Great. Thanks a lot.
  4. Tom have you seen the screenshot I posted as you requested? https://community.invisionpower.com/topic/419040-agile-by-ips-themes/?do=findComment&comment=2574199 Another little thing. Is it possible to have the choice to display the subforums in one column? Currently if I have 1 subforum with a long name, it is truncated. If I have one or two subforums, I would like to display them in one column. (example attached).
  5. This is a great theme, well done! I would like to have in topic list the stats (replies and views) in a single column (like IPS theme). There is a way to do that? Please consider an option to let users choose the type of layout. I think these are minor bugs: The chat does not open in a new window even if I set "Open in a new window" in Chat -> SettingsThe chat menu does not show the number of users in chat room.In blogs, the featured blog section miss the section title (like featured downloads or featured images)
  6. @sijad I installed the plugin and my site is now unusable. The Admin CP is unusable too. There's a way to disable or uninstall the plugin outside AdminCP?
  7. My problem with the current system is that you can define tags only for forums and not for other applications. I need specific tags for downloads, gallery and pages and with the current system you can not define specific tags for those areas. EDIT: Forget it. I just saw that you can have specific tags in those areas, at least in dowwnloads and gallery.
  8. I created a new language to translate the suite in Italian, but the thousands separator does not appear. Does anyone know why?
  9. And an option to order the Emoticon Sets.
  10. The system check of ips4.php says: You do not have the OpenSSL PHP extension loaded. You can install IPS Community Suite without it, but it is required to use external login services... But the RC2 system check says: You do not have the OpenSSL PHP extension loaded which is required.
  11. I know, but my question is another. If I use this tool http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7046-get-ready-for-ips-40/ it says that I can install IPS Community Suite without OpenSSL. During the beta phase the openSSL was not required. Now, when I try to install RC2, the system check says OpenSSL is required and I can not continue the installation process. So, is it required or not?
  12. During the beta test of IPS4 the OpenSSL extension was optional. Now during the RC2 system check it seems OpenSSL is required. OpenSSL is required or not?
  13. I have the same problem. I used UTF8 Database Converter 1.1.13 to convert my 3.4.7 DB. I tested the conversion and everything was fine (user passwords included) so i finalized it. After I finished user passwords didn't work anymore.
  14. Excuse me Stuart, where is located the file constants.php ? I can't find it.
  15. I'm testing a conversion from 3.4.7 to IPS4 beta4. Do you know if it's possible to momentarily prevent the board from sending emails? Thanks!
  16. You should consider to allow people to filter by prefix, especially in forums that use predefined prefixes/tags. It can be done with a filter that allow people to filter by prefix. Example Vbulletin (top right "filter") http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/forum/vbulletin-5-connect/vbulletin-5-suggestions Or simply clicking on prefix. Example xenforo https://xenforo.com/community/forums/resolved-bugs/ I think that when someone clicks on a prefix you should see the topics with that prefix in that forum.
  17. HI, It's possible use the character & (ampersand) in the tags & prefixes? When i try to create a prefix with & (example R&D), I get RD.
  18. Letteralmente sarebbe "discussione in primo piano"... e si potrebbe mantenere, visto che appare in cima alla lista dei forum.
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