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  1. @Makoto Could you please add a feature that was present in AT&P and that is missing in Radical Tags? The "Remove Prefix" saved action...
  2. Hi @newbie LAC Thanks! My bad LOL. Since AT&P is abandoned, we migrated to Radical Tags. I will ask @Makoto to add this feature!
  3. Hi guys, Is the "remove prefix" saved action gone? Cheers.
  4. @Stuart Silvester It was a caching issue here... LOL Running the support tool a second time fixed it. Many thanks for your prompt reply.
  5. @Stuart Silvester The patch made available running the support tool fixed the default date fields, however the bug is still present in custom date fields. I opened a ticket explaining this in more detail.
  6. @Stuart Silvester @Chris027 @Martin A. Just to let you guys know that we are facing the same issue here. Times are now in UTC, and as our server is configured as UTC +3, all times appear shifted 3 hours. Many thanks confirming that this is a bug and you are fixing it.
  7. @Makoto Don't forget about the small issues I reported to you in private. We are still with this app disabled and using AT&P because of that... πŸ˜•
  8. Hello, Is there an out-of-the-box setting to only allow posts/comments/replies with a given minimum number of characters? If not, is there a plugin for that already? Thank you in advance.
  9. @jair101 It is working fine again for the past couple of days... Will keep an eye on this...
  10. Thanks @Stuart Silvester I have a cronjob running once a day synchronizing the server clock: /usr/sbin/ntpdate br.pool.ntp.org I was able to login in and the support tool says there is a new patch regarding 2FA. Will upgrade and see if this solves the issue! πŸ™‚
  11. Hi, I am having an issue with Google Authenticator. Started two days ago. It always worked great, but now it says I am entering an invalid code and locks me out of the ACP. It is also happening with the other administrators. I tried re-syncing the app's clock (Time Correction) and it worked, but today it is giving the same problem. Is there anyone else here facing the same issue? Maybe it is a connection issue between our server and Google's server? I have no idea on how to debug this. Thank you in advance, Gabriel.
  12. @DarkClaWz It seems this app is abandoned. Take a look at Radical Tags as a possible replacement.
  13. Hi, The current version of IPS generates Schema.org tags automatically. I have a few suggestions to improve this feature. These tags are automatically generated in the Pages app, but all databases receive the "Article" schema. For example, if my database is a database with books, it still receives an "Article" schema at the end of the page, whereas a "Book" schema would be more appropriate. To solve this, I customized our "Books" database template to use "microdata", so our books have the correct Schema tags. So, we end up with two schemas for the record, one saying that it is a book and another saying it an article. So, I'd prefer to disable the Schema.org tags generated automatically by IPS per database. I don't know if the current version has this feature already. If not, that is my first suggestion, for advanced cases where we'd prefer to configure microdata manually with a custom template. Also, for database with news, the "NewsArticle" schema would be more appropriate, so maybe a configuration to select between Article/NewsArticle? My second suggestion is regarding the "description" tag, that is missing. It would be great if we could configure it somehow, e.g., pointing out which field stores the article description. If empty, fill it with the meta description tag. And, if that is empty as well, get the first sentence from the article. Anyway, just my two cents. Cheers!
  14. @Fosters I was finally able to install your app. We need two additional filters here: Is banned/not banned Number of posts As I want to delete inactive users who are not banned AND with 0 posts. Could you add those? I can pay you for that, as we really need this to clean-up our user base. Thanks! πŸ™‚
  15. @Makoto Hi! 1. Any news on the option to auto-prune members with disposable emails and zero posts? 2. Found a small bug here. The title page in the screenshot below is set to indisposable_change_email while the variable is actually indisposable_changeEmail, so the name of the variable is being displayed.
  16. @Fosters I've just bought your app but the installation script is giving a timeout error. Maybe it is manipulating a table that is too large, since we have a big community? That is usually the case, and the solution is usually running the queries manually. Anyway, I can't install it here and I need some help. Thanks.
  17. @Fosters Disabling and re-enabling your app fixed the issue! Go figure! Anyway, the problem is gone now! πŸ™‚
  18. @Makoto How are you. Installed the new 1.2.0 version and, still, the prefixes are only shown in the topic list inside the forum, they are not shown at the home page/forums listings/side blocks. Because of that, I'm still keeping your app disabled here and using AT&P... 😞 Cheers.
  19. HI @Fosters Found a weird bug here. We have the Spam Prevention > Question and Answer challenge feature enabled for some time now, but today I noticed that in the ACP, the titles of each question are not being displayed in the list, even though the questions themselves are working fine. Please refer to the screenshots below to understand what I am talking about: I got in touch with IPS support department, and they detected that your app is causing the issue: So, you will need to take an in-depth look at this. Thank you in advance!
  20. @Ford Doctor The issue is gone now!
  21. @Ford Doctor This seems to be a temporary issue with IPS file server, since I am having the same issue trying to apply the latest patch. We will need to wait, as I tried to download the zip file directly from the client area and the same thing is happening there... πŸ˜•
  22. @Jair - ForumRM If you need help/support with IPS in Portuguese, @Adriano Faria provides this kind of service. Cheers.
  23. @Jair - ForumRM Date formats with IPS are handled through language strings. Simply edit the _date_day_and_month language string. The default is: {!1#[1:January][2:February][3:March][4:April][5:May][6:June][7:July][8:August][9:September][10:October][11:November][12:December]} {0#} Change that to: {0#} de {!1#[1:janeiro][2:fevereiro][3:março][4:abril][5:maio][6:junho][7:julho][8:agosto][9:setembro][10:outubro][11:novembro][12:dezembro]} This should already be translated correctly if you downloaded the Brazilian Portuguese language pack.
  24. @Makoto Upgraded from ATP, everything was populated and in the ACP seems to be correctly configured, but the prefixes are not displayed before the topic title at the front-end. Editing the post we can see that the prefix is configured correctly there. Also found a small glitch, see screenshot.
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