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  1. Hi I just read over the newsletter that came out and have a few questions. The ticket system will still be open or will it complete shutdown? I ask this cause there are thing I don't wish to post in a public setting and how I understood the Newsletter is to first post to the forums and than maybe we get up into a ticket if need be. What are the options if need back for issues like this? The Newletter was not very clear on such things.
  2. I don't think ready for 4.6 yet. You just have to wait he is working on it.
  3. From what I was told so far there is really no solution to allow the system to add older versions from within the software. I think it would be more of the software not allow this to happen the way it was made. They did say they will be talking to the Marketplace authors about this issue no fix for it yet. As customers paying for a service but yet can't get it via there system are we out of luck? Do we have to wait for months for a fix? I do have concerns and hope they can apply some patch to the software to address these issues and and allow user to download their products.
  4. Has there been any discussion about upgrading Gallery? @Matt
  5. I let you know what they said as the update feature is the whole point of the Marketplace if not than it was pretty much make it more not useable compare to the older way,
  6. The system should allow user to install older version compatible to their versions. As 4.6 is still coming out with tons of bugs I like to wait before upgrade my main system to it. But, there should still be an option to install it via the Marketplace that IPB is making us use. Still there is room to fix this issue with Marketplace if there is a version that is working for it should allow you to see it as it should compare what you have running and see what version you have listed for the Marketpleace that you made for 4.6, 4.5 and 4.6 etc.
  7. I can confirm this as well it not showing up. I open up a ticket before finding this post and they stated it was only for 4.6 but base on the information above if the owner can't see the addon because it mislisted for early versions I can see what IPB was trying to do but in this case they may need to be a fix to this issue so other problem with other applications and user don't have a similar problems. I did reply to the support ticket I have with this post, waiting for a reply. 100% a problem now but hopefully they can a apply a patch to fix this problem.
  8. I think more update layout and design would be helpfully as well. That had this built into Gallery 4, 3, and somewhat in 2. They took out stuff that I thought would have worked but it was all removed in the end.
  9. Would there be a Gallery update this go round?
  10. Do all rows have to be dynamic? Are just the ones that are compact have to be dynamic?
  11. Was not sure if anybody else had thought of this from above I listed out.
  12. Still waiting on @Stuart Silvester if he saw this and any words, haven't heard anything yet.
  13. Gallery has been through many a revisions, some of them good. Then when IPB went back they remade it again and rip out the parts people like. The biggest thing is that for any gallery some type of main image, top of the page has to show pictures within. But maybe this may good look into as it been a long while and other parts of IPB have been updated maybe Gallery will be on the list for 2021 to be upgrade. But this is feedback so let me try to list some feedback for them to look at to maybe get an sense of how to improve it. - IPS has there own way of getting date and from the time I had a license I think they do listen but I think that can be improve more so. Maybe open a dedicated forums thread and allow members of the community to post there ideas and suggests for a time limited so other peers can see what is being posted and give feedback to what works for them. Make a simple template for users to follow and allow a mod/member/staff whatever monitor the thread and deleted comments that are not part of the template to keep it only to the suggests / ideas for the gallery. I even will commit to monitor the thread to delete comments in till it get closed. - Bring the past back and install some of the older version of Gallery to see what members like from the past versions and see if they are worth taking a second look at? There nothing wrong with looking to the past and improve for the further. Whatever Gallery 3, is not what it is today and what it look and run link was totally different. Make a temp install for let say 1 week for users to look and test features out and get a sense of what they like in the past and move the gallery every week to the current install version. Even if doing that is to much with resources or whatever is the problem, why not just do an install and then take screen caps or video of the Gallery(s) and post them to YouTube to do the same thing just in video form. - At the end of the day IPB has to make something for personal, company and small business. Maybe having more built in layouts this may assist in this front. Maybe Company/Person (C/P) A will want to have a clean simple layout, while C/P B wants to be a little more fun with scrolling images like was in the version of Gallery that I recall cycle through images on the front page. But my point is at least having say minimal three different layout features, simplistic layout, medium layout with more bells, and advance something that can be more used and play with by the users. Yes, I do know much of this can be done by add-ons but let look at the truth there not many out there and the current style is not really cutting the rug. I seen many other galley systems that are more feature rich but yet simple in design and still make it look nice. I hope some of this help to the IPB staff reading it for feedback and readers of this thread. Was trying to be insightful as I can but yet still give constructive ideas to move forward on. Would even be possible to ask if IPB Staff plan to OR they already looking at Gallery to get redone or improve on? The current one even if some improve is done aka little things, the core of it is not well filling the click box of being really friendly to users.
  14. I recall there was a link in the Marketplace for that after you go in to the Addon/Theme etc you can click and go to the support thread for that one item. I don't seem to find it anymore on the Marketplace addon/theme items page anymore. I had to go to the user account, than find the listing for the item then see if there a forms already made and then click on it to post a question to the item and/or get up. Now I see I have to search for items in the IPS Marketplace Topics and was not sure what up. Wouldn't it be better to keep the Marketplace item link to that thread?
  15. When I started upgrade my themes, I had to go through this old and new coding, which is cool and needed. Maybe adding a selected all use new or select all old. Even a jump button to go to the bottom so that one won't have to go to the bottom to move forward. Of course these are just some ideas, but someway to just say ya upgrade, choose the new layout and install, something more streamline would be helpfully.
  16. @Stuart Silvester Where you able to see this?
  17. I don't see the update for 4.5 this was made for that version? Moods is a pay application xD
  18. Why not just add an small side option for people to download a copy per ones that want to do that?
  19. It still better to have your own copy and such.
  20. Still archive your own addons/skins whatever is the user's right/owner. If I like to do that why not, it not hurting anyone. But also nothing official from IPS. So, I want for more words from the makers to get an real low-down then just right or wrong. Firm facts is what I seek.
  21. I would disagree, archive your own addons and such is no problem. Backing up your stuff you buy it never a bad thing. I guess intill they said else wise it best to now say 100% that it be that way. Maybe a @staff can say something on it.
  22. Will there still be a version to allow us to download it and store it in archive if we wish?
  23. Does this app yet support different mini words aka like two different words in different areas?
  24. I miss that thread can you link me to where that is so I can read it please?
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