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Issue with cutting a pasting Excel spreadsheet

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I'm trying to cut and paste an excel spreadsheet into a post and suddenly it's pasting it as picture vs the formatted spreadsheet.

Using the same cut and paste option in Windows 11 (Ctr C and CTR V) here's the difference from last year to this year:

Last year:


Notice all the links stayed linked and the format was perfect.

This year:


Now it's pasting as a picture and if I pick paste as plain text the link goes away and the format is screwed up.

1. Has something changed since last year this time?
2. Is there a way to be able to cut and paste it into a post like I did in 2022? 

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2 minutes ago, I_cant_Swim_ said:

hmm So the browser's editor windows are recognized as image editors for Excel-formatted content (but not by Word). Interesting. It used to be different, though, because just a month or so ago pasting into posts directly from Excel worked.

Just taken a look on an older release, and you are indeed correct so will get this one reported as a bug. Seems we arent the only one with this issue on the net. Who knew? 😄 

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23 hours ago, I_cant_Swim_ said:

Marc, that's not accurate. The Paste function pastes from Excel into Word properly, not as an image. I have the same issue as OP, I solve it as I wrote above.

Thanks buddy, I will give that a try. I don't remember doing that last year but maybe I did. 

@Marc Stridgen Any chance this can get fixed as it's very useful to be able to cut and paste directly from excel with links still attached. Thanks.

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