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where to edit email footers

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I am trying to locate the place in ACP where I can edit the footer for the emails sent. I could find the footer area for the invoice emails. There is a nice WYSIWYG editor for the invoices. I added the footer and the header. All good.

What about all the other emails that are not Commerce related? Where can I edit the footer for the welcome email, confirmation email, etc?


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58 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

ACP > Customization > Appearance > Email

You would want to select which email you want to edit.  The general "Email Wrapper" might be a good place to start.  

Thanks a lot Randy. The thing with the Email Wrapper is that it doesn't have any WYSIWYG editor as the footer/header templates available in Commerce. I can't touch that, I don't have the knowledge to edit it.

26 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

You may also find the following helpful in understanding the makeup of emails



Thanks a lot. Isn't there a WYSIWYG editor for the footer and header for the general email templates as in Commerce? I am not a programmer, I can only edit things if I have an editor.

In the Commerce module I can easily edit the footer and header with an editor. Can't I do the same with the general emails?


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There is not a WYSIWYG editor for the various email templates outside of the commerce app.  So you would need to do it by hand for now.  You can also make a request for it to be considered for a future release by making a post in the feature request forum.  (Just realize it can take many months for something to come from that.  So don't sit around expecting it in the next regular release.  They would have to get around to reviewing it, deciding if its going to be prioritized, assigning the work, testing, etc.  It's not a quick process by any means in many cases.)

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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

As mentioned by randy, there isnt a WYSIWYG editor for email templates at present, other than those in the commerce application

Yep. I am aware of that now. I wonder why not. Why do we have it in the Commerce module for a very specific email and we don't have this feature for very important emails like the welcome, email confirmation, etc? Why isn't it there? 

Unless you know CSS/html, we won't be able to add to the footer's email something as basic as a signature. 😞

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