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Reactivate Standard Login Method without access to AdminCP

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If you have access to phpMyAdmin you should be able to reactivate it through the database.

To do this; login to phpMyAdmin -> (select DB) -> (in the Filters search type "login") -> Browse 'Core Login Methods'. Under "login_classnames" look for "IPS\Login\Handler\Standard" and click "Edit". Make sure "login_settings" says "{"auth_types":1}" and "login_enabled" show "1". Then "GO" to save.

Report back here if it worked for you. If not, we'll try to help another way.

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Thank you! The way you describe works partially. The login method can be reactivated via the changed database entry, but the GUI customizations are not changed. The login mask for local users is not automatically shown again. This happens only after the method has been deactivated and reactivated via the GUI.


Do further changes have to be made in the database for this?

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