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A New Type of Interaction


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I'm interested in a specific forum whereby a person can ask a panel of people a question, however only the person and the panel of people can reply.  Permissions to anyone reading would be set to read only.  However to the person who started the thread, and just that person would be able to ask follow up questions.

Do you think this is doable?



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I think you can do something similar.  I haven't tested it, but it's an option you can try.

Create a group for the panel of people. For example,  "peek board". Add whoever you want there as secondary group.
Assign moderator permissions for that group, in specific forums (members-staff-moderators) in the admincp.  "Can see hidden topics/questions" or something like that.
Create a forum, where users can't see only their content. (the forum first tab at the bottom) 

In theory, only the user starting the topic, and moderators with permissions to see hidden topics" (Admin, moderators and "peek board") should see the topics created and, therefore reply on them.
It is true, that guests and regular users will not see the topic, but once it's closed or answered or dealt with, you can move it to another forum where everybody can see the closed topic for future follow-ups.

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