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Location of language string nexus_tax_explain_val

Gabriel Torres

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You *can* search via the string key :) , to do this, ignore the val part as that is likely a value.

ACP > Customisation > Languages > (choose the pack you want to edit) > Click the 'globe' type icon, the leftmost one on the pack >

In the search box that appears in the listing click the 'cogwheel' instead:



Now in the popup, fill in (careful with spelling here) the "Key" search field only, leave the other box's empty:



Click search to erm "search" :)



And there you see it, along with two others that are a partial match. :)

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You see, that is the problem. None of those strings contain what I need to fix. Let me explain.

We have a product (subscription plan) configured as R$ 59,99 for the first time the user buys it, but at a promotional price of R$ 49,99 on renewals.

The price text shows as:

"R$ 59,99 e R$ 49,99 por ano" ("R$ 59,99 and R$ 49,99 per year")

I think this text is very confusing, I think it would be better something like "R$ 59,99 and R$ 49,99 per year on renewals", as the original text doesn't explain that the second value is only applied on renewals.

However I am not being able to accomplish this.


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@AndyF No, not a pluralization issue. I just think the text could be better (better explanation for the user that the second price listed applies only for renewals).

@Daniel F Many thanks for pointing out the right direction. I think this could be improved as per above. However, it came to my attention that Lindy said you guys are going to improve Commerce for selling subscriptions, as per below. So I hope this text could be improved as well. Many thanks.


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