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Advertisements under header : Possible ?


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Tx for your help

@Gabriel Torres : i want to show two advertisements under the header at the same time, IPB only shows only one at the same time

@newbie LAC : Tx, i can see how IPB works but i think it should be changed, its like when you add more widgets in your sidebar, you want to be able to add as many as you like, why should you be limited to one ?? the same for the advertisements

If you know a plugin to solve this issue with IPB, that would be great :)



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@Durango This is very easy to be done. Just go to the advertisement section and add a new banner under a custom area. Then add the code for that new area to the header template.

Step 1:

ACP > Settings > Advertisement > Create new

Configure the details of your second banner

On the part that says where to show the banner, select custom location and give it a name.

Note: there is a link there for you to understand how this works. In case you missed it: 



Save your ad.

Step 2: Add your ad to your header template.

ACP > Customizations > Themes - Select the theme you use and click on the </> icon. Note: if you don't have any theme installed, you MUST copy the IPS default theme, rename the copy, and use the copy instead of the original in your forum. This way you have the original theme unmodified, and you only make modifications to this copy (which will be your community's default theme).

At Core > Front > global > globalTemplate

Add your banner where you want it to be displayed as:


I hope this will help you figure out the basic mechanics of IPS.



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Tx it works

But it would have been so easier to do it directly from the advertisements section with an Ajax re order, like the widgets in the forum sidebar

Also it would be a great idea to add WYSIWUG on the advertisements textareas rather than having to work with full html only !


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