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About at my wits end


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For 2 weeks ive been trying to get answers from tapatalk and invision regarding errors when i install tapatalk as a plugin (X2 errors all over the time when i enable the plug in). 

Can someone please help me? I need to install this so very desperately because i have about 20 people who will use the forums as soon as the app is up.

im also hosted with invision so i cant install a hook... 

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Don't you have Plugins under Site Features when clicking on System in the ACP?

Yes. Ive installed the plug in. But the tapatalk instructions say to install a hook as well.

And ive tried enabling the plugin and it comes up with glitches all over the forums...double posting, cant post threads, etc. If anyone can help me install this ill forever be in your debt.

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Download the plugin

Extract the zip file.

Upload the mobiquo folder to the root of your forum.

Go to ACP - System - plugins

Click on install new plugin. Browse to the tapatalk.xml file in the mobiquo folder you extracted. Click install.

Once done click on the edit button of the plugin and enter the API key from your Tapatalk dashboard and configure the settings.


Instructions here https://tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard.php


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