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  1. OK, so I don't have pages I Didn't see anything in the description that it required Pages?
  2. Ok, so how do you add an RSS feed to the Ticker? Everything I enter prints out in the ticker.
  3. Can you post a snapshot what it looks like with the user picture applied in wide screen, and what it looks like in mobile mode with the user picture?
  4. IPB Causes the custom items in Profile Information not to display on new entries. Users before updating to will display correctly in Profile Information. New users Profile Information entered in does not show for accounts created after updating to
  5. Have you tried Feed Widget... I had multiple problems with the (NB40) RSS Sidebar Widget.
  6. Go change your upload limit in PHP.
  7. This is interesting. I would be very interested in knowing a couple of things. 1) Is there a way to globally force groups to adhere to the two step verification? 2) Is there a way to incorporate this into new user registration (IE: instead of email they are required to get a verification and type in the code to complete registration)?
  8. Just updated to and the database problem is still there. Not sure if the database problem IPS fixed was related to this?
  9. After updating to 2.1.0 I went into support and went into Something isn't working to fix something else and I'm getting the below and IPB doesn't fix it. The above could have happed prior to updating to 2.1.0 as it has been months since I've used the support option to check things. I've tried it several times and it's not getting repaired.
  10. Another option for Guest Message is to use PHP & TXT Widget, but there are more uses for the widget.

    I'm using it for my Guest Welcome on my site.

    1. Shyuan


      Hi, I just saw this! Thanks, and I will have a look at it. ^_^

    2. Shyuan


      Thanks for recommending. Using it now. ^_^

  11. Using IE when I go into Download file under File Actions I select Edit Details I get The website cannot display the page Using FF when I go into Download file under File Actions I select Edit Details I get a blank webpage. The only addition lately was Similar Content on Post Screen . If I disable this plugin I am able to Edit Details for the download with no problems. I'm using the latest release.
  12. Hopefully there will be a global option for those that want something static across all apps.
  13. It's about time something like this was made available. It's one of those options that you would think would be included with the core. I don't buy may plugins/Apps but this will be one of those have to have ones. @Adriano FariaThank you...
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