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  1. Hello @SoftwareFactory, For some reason the bot goes offline for me and doesn't seem to sync the roles even though I have the token and keys setup properly.
  2. itspbeezy


    @docsafe to upgrade to 4.60 invision?
  3. itspbeezy


    Wondering if you had the chance to update the theme so the menu bar scrolls with the page? Also the menu item text limitations: When there is too much text it does not expand the menu.
  4. @Fostersis there a way to have the applications have an approve or reject button on the post? If approved it assigns certain forum roles and also notifies the individual?
  5. @FostersCan you please help me get this working? Or can I get a refund?
    I am pretty new to the Invision Community and so far have had a pretty lackluster welcome from a lot of the authors selling things on this marketplace... Until I met this guy. I was having issues, he asked me to add him on Steam so we can talk. I added him to Steam, he took the time to visit my website and basically reconfigured the entire plugin for me. He explained how to do everything in great detail and I really appreciate the amazing customer support. Definitely a diamond in the rough and worth every penny. Thanks for your help!
  6. Anyone know what this error is when trying to install this through the marketplace?
  7. Hello just purchased this and am having problems getting it to work. Servers show no people and when I try to add game icons I get an error code 200? Also you really should write up some better documentation on how to add servers.
  8. itspbeezy


    Is there a list of icons we can use for the menu anywhere?
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