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  1. Hey Sorry, got sidetracked. Not seeing anything in the error logs but I've opened a support ticket. Seems that its only affecting a single user so I'm almost certain it must one an issue on their end, though I can't for the life of me figure out what could cause this since they've confirmed that they've cleared all cache and cookies and it still persists.
  2. Hello, I don't think this is a theme issue, but I did just open a ticket regarding an issue with being unable for a member to login, error 2S119/1. Just to cover my bases, I figured I'd add a comment here as usually support kicks it back to a theme or plugin issue. Link: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/462655-critical-login-issue-cant-login-error-code-2s1191/
  3. Hello, We've recently upgraded to Invision Community v4.6.4 and have a veteran member of our community reporting they are unable to login on their main home computer. They did successfully login on two work computers. I am running a custom theme mdPanel and have upgraded that as well. I have also instructed them to clear caches, clear cookies and site history. I've also cleared system cache in Admin. They're restarted their computer and the error is always the same, "Something went wrong. Please try again". Error 2S119/1. I'm hoping this is only an isolated incident but concerned more users could be seeing this and just not contacting us. Any idea on the issue? Google search seemed to indicate its an issue with outdated code, but again, IPB install went smooth and I also updated the theme I'm using. Thanks, Allen
  4. Its a bummer to have to come tot his, but you might be right. I only bought the commerce app for the help desk system so its a bummer. Guess I'll just drop that end of things, especially since there's been no reply to my support thread simply asking fort a MySQL query that I can use to mass delete them until. real fix is put into place. Assume that might be a bandaid for @Scott Allen as well.
  5. Wondering if there's a direct support link or if its all on the forum now. I know its not a critical issue in this instance, but been a few days and nobody from support has responded. Could really use some assistance please.
  6. Sort of relates to a ticket I just opened here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/462616-how-to-mass-delete-support-request-tickets-in-admin/ There's definitely a little attention that needs to go into the support request feature, especially since this is a pretty sizable paid upgrade. I think it does most of what's needed, just needs a little thought and polish to smooth out some pretty glaring issues that can quickly make it all but unusable very quickly. Hoping a host has a way to block it really isn't a great solution.
  7. First off, thank you adding this new Rulers feature under Achievements. Very, very cool and fits well with the trend towards gamification I see happening all over. I can see this potentially giving forums a little better chance in fighting social media platforms for users with stuff like this. This said, I'd love to see some options to affect user groups, both positive and negative or otherwise tapping into existing forum features, which I suppose is a sort of blending of your new Rules feature and the Automatic Moderation or tapping into other stuff like promotions, warnings, etc. Example... Positive: If user passes xx reputation and / or receives x badge, then user is promoted to xx group. So by way of doing this, we can provide incentives since groups can already allow access to hidden areas, etc. On the flip side, we can already Auto Moderate so I can build out something like: If Member is in groups Members and reputation is less than 50 and receives 3 points, content is moderated. But what if we extended this into the warning system? So... If Member is in groups Members and reputation is less than 50 and receives negative xx reaction within xx time, user is warned. If Member is in groups Members and has received X warning in the last x days, user is suspended for xx days. And further... If Member is in groups Members and has received X warnings in the last x days, user is banned. What about communication triggers... If Member receives X promotion, message the user with X message. or optionally... If Member receives X promotion, email the user with X message. No doubt this is a new feature and will evolve with time and likely you guys are already thinking of all this, but if not... There's so many great features already built into the Fortum system already that this new Rules feature would be exponentially more powerful if it could tap into some of these existing features. I'd love to be able to setup Rules that go beyond just assigning badges / merit and so that I could automate the reward or consequence of user behavior through the use of access or privilege as described above. Anyhow, keep on keeping on... Thanks!
  8. Hello, A while back I started a thread about this, but it never really went anywhere. We got broadsided by spammers and there's literally thousands of messages in the queue before we realized and setup a filter / block. Selecting all, only selects all on that page and doesn't select across pagination. Can you please supply a solution, if even it's just a MySQl query to delete all requests when email matches xx or delete all requests when subject matches xx? That being said, since you do have a nifty filter feature it would be amazing if selecting all filtered results actually selected all results and not just the ones displayed on that page. Thank you, Allen
  9. Awesome, yeah... While waiting on a response I ended up just copy / pasting all the color and configuration settings over. Sort of a pain, but not horrible. While doing it, I was wondering why you can download the theme, but not simply export the theme settings / colors so that they can be easily shared or imported, so very happy to hear you are working on that. Big Help! This being said, I wonder why IPB doesn't handle parent / child similar to WordPress in that the parent is the actual code and the child are simply changes to it? So that when you upgrade the parent, anything not specifically changed as part of the child is automatically upgraded. Seems more logical. One other question... How do I get rid of the front end customizer button? For now I just added some CSS to display none, but would think there would be a toggle in the theme settings to disable? Likewise, can you explain a little more about this feature? The day / night mode makes sense, but wondering why supply an alternate 5 theme colors for users? Thanks!
  10. Hello, Its been a long while since I've worked on themes or have updated do I sort of forgot the process. Today I updated our forum to Invision Community v4.6.4 and now need to update the MD Panel theme. Our custom version has a few pages that were customized and a complete change of colors and most images. I didn't create it as a child theme (guess that was my first mistake), so now it just says "customized" instead allowing an option to update. Can you please explain how best to proceed? Thank you
  11. Any Invision staff looking at this thread?
  12. Anything? Hate to say it, but almost ready to move on to another forum system. The support desk is an important part of how we use this forum and why we paid for the commerce part of it. Its become essentially useless because we have hundreds of pages of spam we can't get rid of.
  13. Looping back to this topic since there's been a couple updates... I'm running the current forum software ands still same issue. I have about 645 pages of straight spam and am stuck deleting them 25 at a time. Any solutions?
  14. Awesome that worked, thank you! Still getting used to this new interface and features. Have two more questions... 1. Is there a guide of some sort so we know what color variables in the theme section of admin affect what areas on teh front end? Obviously its broken down into tabs which respresent sections and the names themselves are somewhat descriptive, but wondering if there's any sort of map or guide for this? 2. Likewise, I'm confused about the Light / Dark mode works. How do we create the two versions? In other words, how do a make all the color tweaks to the theme and then how do we add that to the section for Light / Dark mode? Thanks again.
  15. Hello, I seem to be having some pretty major issues after upgrading IPB and the forum. I'm not trying to install a clean copy of the mdPanel theme but its not allowing me because it says I already have it installed and that it is up to date. I do not want to delete the old versions of it since I'd like a reference for the changes I made. What can I do? Thanks
  16. Yeah, I'll vote for selections spanning across pages as well, but does anyone have any solution to this? Hate to say it, but really starting to get bummed out on this software.
  17. I tried that but "select all" only works for the page your on. In my case, it selects 25 out of the 7,511 in the filtered result. Is there a way to truly select all?
  18. Still can't seem to figure out a solution short of running a MySQL query. Anyone happen to know if this is possible?
  19. Hello, Seems someone spammed the heck out of my Support Requests (IPB Commerce). Is there a way to simply wipe out all requests by a certain user or perhaps certain email? Can't seem to find anything obvious and nothing on this topic came up when I searched the forum. Thank you!
  20. Actually, I think I just found this. Default feature that is in the Admin CP under Forums in the dropdown to the far right of each configured forum in the list.
  21. Hello, Maybe a dumb question but I'm trying to organize a fairly large forum (5+ million posts). I do not want to archive older topics, since this means they are no longer searchable. Also as mentioned by IPS, its not such a big deal anymore with the advancements made with the forum software and MySQL. I'm mainly doing this because our forum is pretty old and we've only hosted uploads for the last couple years. As such we have a lot of topics with broken images with no solution to fix. The conversation / posts still hold value, so I would rather not delete and do now want to archive as they'd no longer be searchable. So my solution is to create an 'archive' category and mirror the basic forum structure. Then run something that allows me to initiate a mass move, between a specific target and with a specific destination, any thread with latest activity that is equal to or greater than [input date]. Going to assume this feature probably doesn't exist, but wanted to verify it after a fruitless search on here. Maybe there's a plugin or some other similar feature? Any advice / suggestion? Thanks!
  22. Hello, Just a note that the plugin is now broken as of yesterdays IPB update. Would love to get an update so we can reactivate your plugin. Seems to cause a ton of javascript errors that make the forum unusable. Thanks
  23. Yes indeed, an out of date plugin. Sorry about that... Since its months between times when I dig through the technical side of the forum on top of all the software platforms I deal with, I overlooked the obvious. Issue is resolved, thank you.
  24. Follow up... This is a huge one but my forum is not allowing new posts. *Edit: I just tested with the IPB default theme and see the same issues so seems to be a forum issue. Will follow up with them.
  25. Hello, Suddenly seeing some issues after upgrading IPB today. Noticed there was an mdPanel update so I Installed that as well, but didn't seem to fix the issues. I have yet to do a thorough audit, but here's the obvious issues I spotted: Main menu is no longer functional on mobile Manage blocks menu no longer functional on mobile Our Picks (renamed on my site as 'Spotlights') is no longer displaying on the forum index (was set to be the first content block above forum listing) and is displaying incorrectly on the actual Our Picks page. Even the menu in the Admin section is acting a bit weird. Not seeing tabs for the theme but rather all is displayed on a super long page. Link: https://forum.12ozprophet.com/ Appreciate any help. Please contact me if you need access. Thank you.
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