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  1. Kicking would be fine too, since if they are banned on the website they can't get an invite back. But from my testing, nothing happens when user is banned on the website. Are you sure it is working?
  2. The application doesn't ban the member from Discord server when banned on the website. The other Discord extension did that automatically.
  3. I have a legitimate, registered EU business that runs a IPB site and was rejected by Braintree as well. They did not specify any reason in the email, just the standard automated "after careful review we have rejected your application". EU means no credit score, so I don't know on what basis they rejected me, after I asked in a followup email for the reason they did not answer it either, just more automated "we're sorry, we have procedures and requirements and you don't meet them" but didn't actually say what requirements. I submitted all required information, including EU VAT registration number and linked my 100% verified business PayPal account with identical information which has been active and handling transactions for 7 years. It boggles my mind why IPB would remove support for billing agreements for PayPal and suddenly make them exclusive to some new untested gateway that requires explicit account approval. This is just another entry on a list of bad development decisions in recent releases, previous one being removal of SparkPost after some complaints, even though it worked just fine for overwhelming majority of sites. Disappointed.
  4. @Nathan Explosion self hosted, yes. Unfortunately I can't give out FTP details. But if you PM me a diff, I can patch the files and test it for you.
  5. FYI, it seems your plugin breaks emojis added in 4.3. See my thread here: When your plugin is disabled emojis work fine.
  6. Found out what the problem is, this plugin breaks emojis
  7. When posting some of the emoji they break and do not display properly. I'm using EmojiOne set. I have no custom emojis and I wiped all old standard ones after 4.3 upgrade. Posting standard smiley :) Results in something like this: Which is a broken image + a standard builtin emoji from Chrome (not EmojiOne set). Page HTML looks like this: <img src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/emojione/assets/3.1/png/64/26-23-31-32-38-35-37-038-3b.png" class="ipsEmoji" alt="?"> URL to image results in error 403. Console says this: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 () 26-23-31-32-38-35-37-038-3b.png:1 plugin.js?t=I3U5:3 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getType' of null at CKEDITOR.plugins.ipsemoji.<anonymous> (plugin.js?t=I3U5:3) at ckeditor.js?v=514aac2016:26 plugin.js?t=I3U5:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getType' of null at CKEDITOR.plugins.ipsmentions.<anonymous> (plugin.js?t=I3U5:2) at ckeditor.js?v=514aac2016:26 I have never had so many issues and bugs still remaining in full release as with this 4.3 upgrade. Please help if you know a workaround.
  8. Can we get that version soon, since no more bugs have been reported here for almost 2 weeks?
    I can't believe this isn't a core integrated feature of IPS. Works like a charm.
  9. I have a set of products (let's call them "ranks") where members can purchase any of them and then they can upgrade to a higher level at a later date if they want to. I also have other things in store that I don't want the coupon to be valid for, just these ranks. I created a coupon and set so that the coupon is usable for all of these ranks, it works when a member purchases their first rank, but it does not work for upgrades in between ranks, it says that the coupon may not be used for that purchase. I did check "Can be used for renewals of selected products?", but that didn't help either. If I enable "No restriction" for products, the coupon works OK. Is this a bug, or an oversight or an error on my side?
  10. Rolle

    Group Mention

    You should probably mention which IPS version this is compatible with, 4.1, 4.2 or both?
  11. With new upcoming update 4.2 I was thinking about reinstalling my community from scratch. I'm having large problems with my current community like applications not working properly, language strings missing, group permissions not saving/showing, warning points not expiring and other minor issues. I would like to do a fresh 'new' install of the suite and plugins/applications and afterwards just do SQL INSERT containing articles, forums, posts, user accounts and nexus purchases. Then probably some kind of trigger to re-index or re-cache all of the new data in the database. Does anyone know if that is possible? I'm probably going to try it on my test install with the 4.2 beta release anyway, but I thought I'd ask if anyone else tried that kind of "migration".
  12. I have two IPB sites, one with several thousand users, the other newly started with just a couple hundred. I disabled all applications and plugins on both websites, they are hosted on the same server, have same performance settings (MySQL caching, Redis caching, template file caching enabled, guest page caching set to 5m). Anyway, the page with a lot of users has waiting time to first byte (execution time) around 500-800ms measured in Chrome debug tools (F12->Network), with spikes going up to 1,5s sometimes. The website with little users and little content has same timings around 100-300ms and feels A LOT faster. A significant difference that I cannot explain by just having more users or threads on the forums. Do big websites just slow down more and more the more users and threads they have? Is there a setting in IPS 4.1 I can enable that will show me execution time as well as queries made and time taken for those on each page? That would be useful for me to pinpoint the slow page generation on the larger website. Thank you!
  13. As an admin I can see the fields on my own and others profiles. As a regular user, I cannot see any fields when I go to my profile and click "edit profile" with any kind of custom setting for the groups that can access profile fields, even if I select all of them which should equal the "All" setting. It will only show with "All" selected. Which makes the plugin pointless, since that behavior is the same as without the plugin. See video here: https://puu.sh/sJNrj/8f69a4597f.mp4
  14. Is the plugin broken in If I select a setting for "Allowed Groups" and "Visible To" other than "All" then the profile field will not show up to anyone except administrators. I already tried disabling all custom applications and plugins, it didn't help.
  15. Pre-purchase questions: 1. I wonder if it is possible for users to create an invite link that will be valid forever and for multiple accounts? For example, if user wants to share an invite link on their social media so that multiple people can use the same code to register. From description it looks like each code must be generated separately and is only valid for 1 use. 2. Are invite links even possible or does the code have to be entered manually during registration? Will a link like www.example.com/register?invitecode=xxxyyyzzz work? 3. If the answer to 1 and 2 is no, do you plan to implement such a feature?
  16. Rolle

    Elections System

    Please delete, wrong thread
  17. Nice, a lot of my members will love that function!
  18. I am currently doing the same. However since the two forum systems and themes are so different you can't automatically transfer any design. I am basically re-creating my MyBB theme by modifying the original IPB theme, mostly just by copy pasting the CSS.
  19. I'm trying to create a custom page with PHP code using IP.Content. What I've discovered so far is that the IP.Content pages will not parse PHP code directly in the page - only HTML and instead I have to create blocks with the PHP code and then include these blocks inside the page code. However another issue appears there, where the blocks of PHP code I embed do not seem to "see" the $_GET or $_POST variables, which is something I need. Surely there must be another way of doing this aside from developing a custom application? Does anyone know how?
  20. I would like to remove ability for users to have animated GIFs as avatars. Disallowing the .gif extension would be the easiest way I think, but I cannot find the setting in AdminCP anywhere. Also, there seems to be no setting as to how big (in kB or in size) the avatar may be, or at least I could not find it. Could someone help me find these? /Edit Also another question. When doing updates (like 4.0.1 that was just released), these also update the main official theme code and CSS. I have created a copy of the official theme and made my own custom changes to it. Will my copy receive the fixes included in the update, or do I have to make a new copy every time there is a patch and re-do all my custom changes?
  21. Rolle


    Depends how your hosting solution works. My dedicated private server runs on Debian and all I had to do is install memcached with "apt-get install memcached" and then add it in the IPS4 Admin panel by choosing Memcached and entering "".
  22. They are waiting for account approval on the preview site. There is no download available for preview or beta as of yet.
  23. Q2 2014 ends on Monday, I hope the release is -very- soon :) I'm ready and compatible to renew my license when it comes out.
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