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  1. Thanks Jose, But Still Display wrong Error page... i test it myself this time. Anyway The function of negative/positive is working fine, i can change Error message line in Manage Language
  2. Image from Error page? it's just Default IPS Error page with this message: [#106174] An error was detected with your request. Please go back and try again it's happen when a user have less credit then minimum credit required. Eg. when user have 201 credit, can create new blog but when have 199, they can't do this when i set -200 for creating new blog. This is Proper functioning But Error page is not correct error.
  3. Hello Jose, Thanks for Update. Still I have problem, But Actually i think there is no problem about Blog hook. When some users have enough Credits, There is no problem and Their Credit Reduced by -200 But when another users Do not have this Credits, they give this error: [#106174] Actually must give this one: Sorry you do not have enough credits to perform this action
  4. Jose i Enable iCredits Blog setting and set (-200) for creating new blog. when users come to create new Blog they give Error [#106174] Ther is no such problem via positive value // Please take a look. Thanks.
  5. Hello Adriano, I talk to you about this app and problems about i have. This new Problem is not about my language actually, it's about English phrases. (In Download, Gallery and also Content) For example see this File: (Jill Valentine and Helena Harper) is not linked. the only App this keywords works fine is just IP.Board.
  6. Hello Jose, I need this feature when you delete/hide any records of users who gave a Credit for, users must Lose this Credits, in 3.4 also. now i reduce Member Credits manually and it's Very time consuming. Can you Work on? Thanks.
  7. Hello @Nuclear General I Just Upload All files in my server and install the hook. i can see the new Field Types in Articles DB but i can't find these Three: Field View Group Mask Permissions, with custom error messages. Field Edit Group Mask Permissions. All Fields except the stock article fields now allow granular control of who may view and edit said fields. This Permissions only exist in Custom Databases. Beside, when i use a field with the new pack, Like Blog, Downloads and ... i got Database Error.
  8. The Problem is now Resolved. it's About "remove_poll_choice" in Crown Replacements. I change it before actually and i didn't know can make such this problem. Thanks.
  9. When Users Click on "Manage Poll" they saw only a js popup with this message: "You cannot add any more questions to this poll!" And then Poll window is open like this (Without Fields of question / options and ...) Default Skin Doesn't have this problem and Poll system work fine. I just recently understand my community have this problem, when some users Report it.
  10. Hi, Check Pm Sijad.


    1. shahed
    2. shahed


      Check Pm Sijad,

  11. Hello @IPBPlanet I Recently seen a problem about polls. It's only happens in Crown skin actually and doesn't happen in another one /Like Default Skin/ When i create new Poll it's display this popup: You cannot add any more questions to this poll!
  12. ​Actually i need this on 3.4 Marcher. I test it and Content in the tabs loaded without any problem in Forum area for everyone .But inside of IP.C, the only problem is Root Admin Actually (nopermission error), because All other Groups use the Tabbed block without problem.
  13. Thanks Jose, It resolve which Protected groups setting Now. I thought this setting refer to what groups can't use this item not we can use as Target group. ​In ib.Economy, We can choose for this item Target Group. Users when purchase this item, only can change their member group to Target Group. Also It is possible changing in Secondary Group. Screen Shot For ib.economy's Change Member's Group.
  14. Sorry But After Upgrade still I can't find the Target Group in Change Member Group Settings.
  15. Hello Jose, In Shop item, Change member group item, i can't find setting for Target group. when users purchase this item can change their group to anything now.
  16. ​Oh, No... I want Some of this suggestion for 3.4
  17. Hello, If this Application accept "Text Area" and "Text input box" Phrases, it's become more useful. Profile fields and ... use this Kind of fields. It's Become interesting for Users when completing Their information. Adriano can you work on it / or a Guidance Please? Thank you.
  18. Hello, Jose i hope you work on last email suggestion i've sent. Please Test this new, it's a bug i think. / When i Disable Point Per download in iCredits Setting, this setting still exist in IP.Dowanload. Thank You.
  19. Hello In setting: iCredits Content, I set "Enable/Disable" to Yes and determine 5 points for new records. But when i sending a new record (in Articles DB) I will not give any points. There is another settings for that? --- Jose i have another problem. In forum setting, i set for send every new post only 1 points. but when i send a new post i give 214 points ! all forums set to 1 points but sending a new post to all of it, user give 214 points. Why 214? Also when i remove this posts, No Points reduction. --- in gallery for new comment i set 1 points but user give not any points. (i don't test f
  20. Hello, I see in ACP "Announcement MSG" setting have a full editor but it doesn't work. All BBcodes working in ACP But doesn't show this bbcodes in fron-end. Also I need full editor in "Items description". there is any way for quick help? Thank you.
  21. I'm sorry But i can't find Points per cash in front-end. I have nexus and enable purchase credits, from ACP. I also create package and check permissions. But i don't see this section.
  22. I think I found a small bug about Counting the number of items in Shop Categories. I have two Category for Shop. first have 13 Items and second have 9 items but in both front-end and ACP, Counting is not correct. Category 1 is show have 5 items and cat 2 show 6 Item. it's just Counting the numbers and inside of categories there is no problem.
  23. ​ Hello Jose, I try new Version and it's work fine. Thank you.
  24. ​I suppose that the developer be able to help! I must completely remove iCredits for display again the forums.
  25. ​ Hello José, I Really have problem after Upgrade to 1.2.5 / can you turn On your messenger? Or PM me? I Need 1.2.5 for IPB 3.4. Thanks.
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