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  1. onlyME


    There is an option in Videobox settings to select categories to display.
  2. onlyME


    I’m sorry, I don’t have any solution for the idea. I will test it again.
  3. onlyME


    Sorry, I have no plan for it 🙂
  4. onlyME


    Hi, I will consider your ideas.
  5. onlyME


    I know that, but almost hosting provider doesn't has it on their server. And it's confused for me to support.
  6. onlyME


    I will consider it. Unfortunately, there is no way to generate thumbnail from uploaded video.
  7. onlyME


    Unfortunately, I have no way to hide it.
  8. onlyME


    Thank you, I will remove it in the next version.
  9. onlyME


    Hi, I sent the instructions, please check PM. Support via PM.
  10. onlyME


    Thank you for your report. I will test it. If it’s a bug, will be fixed in the next version.
  11. onlyME


    I’m sorry, but each app has its own main features that you can read in the description before purchasing ☹️ It’s so confused for me to implement all customer’s idea to one app. If you only want to import youtube, please take a look Youtube Importer app. It can import youtube into Forums, Downloads, Pages and Videobox. I don’t support bulk import from other video services.
  12. onlyME


    As I said, this app doesn’t has bulk import feature.
  13. onlyME


    Ok, I will consider it.
  14. onlyME


    The carousel uses ips slides and it only has simple cross effect. That is how the app works and each app has different features 🙂
  15. onlyME


    Hi, This app doesn’t grab info from youtube, you need to post video manually. Take a look at the Youtube Importer app that allows getting youtube automatically from channel/playlist.
    1. funkyto


      hi, i saw your plugin for the image slider, i have a question, does this plugin work in the ad place that invision brings?

  16. onlyME


    Maybe you don’t use https.Domains that use Twitch embeds must use SSL certificates.
  17. unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution yet 😞
  18. Please give me acp access if it still has problem so I can take a look.
  19. I can't reproduce the problem. Try to disable Cache Image (in settings) and test it. You need to select an image instead of clicking save button. Anyway, I will update the missing language bit, it should be "Please select one image to set as topic thumbnail".
  20. Version 1.0.2


    Features: This plugin allows users to record and send voice message in Chatbox+ (in Clean Text Mode only). The voice message will be saved as mp3 files. Permission for who can use. Option to enable the feature in rooms/conversations/clubs. Max recording time. Requirements: IPS 4.5 or higher. Chatbox+2.3 or higher.
  21. Hi, I will consider it.
  22. onlyME


    Hi, Unfortunately, I have no solution for this idea.
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