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  1. Is the ban setting enabled? Is there anything in York Mod Log being logged? It should log the reason for the banning IF they’re banned by this app.
  2. Fair Pont. I’ve added this tinny suggestion tracker for the best release .
  3. Just curious what the issue was... Were you missing to set the permissions ?😂 No this isn’t the current behavior and I can’t reproduce this myself on my boards. Could I probably get ACP access to your board to investigate this
  4. Do you mind to get registered on another site? Should the docs for the amazing ( but tricky) criteria system be available on a static site like github, where they're accessible to anybody, but where you would need to register to ask questions... And if you don't mind, do you prefer something like github or wouldn't you mind to join a site own by fosters? (In the past people really hesitate to join our community 😞 ) There were be a simpler 2 way communication on our own site compared to github... The criteria system is tricky, but it's a HUGE improvement and we're going to use it in more future apps and the UX will improve with the time, but right now we had to use the simple editor ...
  5. It's on the todo list. Yes, that's coming with the new criteria system. There won't be an UI, it's just an editor field, but it's quite easy to create the criteria.
  6. Still looking at this at the clients page because I can't reproduce it on my site (and obviously also no other client). It's either collapsing with another 3rd party app or with a specific furl rule on his board.
  7. Why? Literally the same happens if you have applications or nodes/categories/forums which are only visible to specific member groups. Dozen of members can have 1000s of reputation points from some exclusive forums and yet most members won't see any of their content which got the reactions. BUT said that... I've also noticed a huge abuse of the system where people liked their own private messages to climb up the ladder which caused us to disable the plugin again🤣.
  8. Something like this? Of course including notifications and everything else 🙂
  9. Yes, the new version for IPS 4.5 is going to include support for clubs 🙂 I'm really just waiting for IPS 4.5 BETA 1 to complete the huge BC breaking release.. IMO it wouldn't make any sense to release now a HUGE upgrade for 4.4 and then have everything broken and to fix again for IPS 4.5 .. .I'm really sorry for the delay, but I want to save you and also me from any additional pain and additional upgrade work:)
  10. We did exactly this for a client😂 I'll see if I can make it general usable and also modernise it with some further enhancements for a MP release once my personal corona stress is over.
  11. One more week

     Hazmat Suit GIF by KING OF THE ROAD

  12. Chances => 0 It was added already for the next major release coming once IPS 4.5 is available 🙂 Unfortunately not but that's an interesting idea. I'll see if it's possible.
  13. It is indeed still maintained. I haven't seen anybody complaining recently about performance issues and it's NOT about the post size, the members count is the part which made issues in the past.
  14. Yea, this is quite easy with the pages app. In fact I did this a while ago, but the templates and css part was quite tricky and dirty.. Fun fact... Yesterday I just asked another valued 3rd party dev/designer from the IPS community, if he could code such a similar pages template set for us because I'm way too busy with other stuff.
  15. Could I get a PM with the url to the site please:)
  16. A new version was released Changehistory
  17. It's quite time consuming to add everybody as client right now to the new submission (I really didn't expect that it would be that time-consuming:D ) I'm doing this in daily batches and I promise that I'll have every old purchaser imported to the new file until the new version for 4.5 gets released. Please don't pm me because of access to the new file. The current version is the same as the one in @TAMANs release.
  18. That's going be possible with the new system which will be available with Trophies 3.0 which will be released once IPS 4.5 is here. So you'll use an expression like criteria.hasMoreThenXRecords("IPS\downloads\File\Review", 10 ) which means that any member with more then 10 file reviews will get the trophy.
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