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  1. I've been working the last few weeks on all fixes, just had to ensure that all reported issues were resolved. I expect that the new release should be ready this weekend. I'm really sorry for any inconveniences caused by the beta version( that's why it's called beta)
  2. Referrals were added to IPS 4.5 core! There's no need for this application anymore.
  3. Thx, fixed both issues.
  4. This application has a permission check! Only topics which you're allowed to see will be shown!
  5. Sorry, your last two points aren’t possible and I’m really not sure if it’s worth to add now topics with replies with specific tags to the list here, that’s kind of out of the scope of this app. This was added for the next release
  6. That’s weird, none template or any other output was changed for the recent version. Could you send me a link to your site please to take a look.
  7. You got access few days ago, please try it with the new submission and not https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8459-advanced-footer/
  8. I have really no interest into the importer, my suggestion is to just recreate the similar trophies and move on, and tell the member to ignore the fate. The importer is really not that easy because as you said, my trophies app has all the automatic criteria while iAwards has no criteria at all, theres no easy way for me to recreate a trophy automatically with the converter with the same criteria... I had a script to import them as medals but people didn’t like the solution?! How many people would be interested into the importer and would you mind to pay for it? I have an idea how to solve it , but absolutely no time , so I would probably hire another MP dev with a lot experience with converters to code this.
  9. You can control the menu tab visibility va the IPS menu manager.
  10. I've talked with ehren and we've found a solution for this 🙂 There's no download feature in the new IPS Marketplace anymore. All the applications and plugins need to be installed via the ACP
  11. This is returning all topics with 0 replies. I’ll add a setting to filter out the hidden and deleted topics and probably also a forum filter.
  12. What do you mean with replacing ? Any steps to reproduce this?
  13. Could I get ACP access to investigate this?
  14. I'm working with @Dean_ on his board to resolve any open issues
  15. I think I've finally found and fixed the issue. New version pending approval.
  16. What's the logged error? ( You can see in in your ACP => System => Support - System Log)
  17. Hvave you deleted any members recently?
  18. It’s not working with 4.5, a new version is pending approval.
  19. Do you see anything in the ModCP? what actions have you set? What should happen with the data after submission?
  20. Have you ever customized the postbit template manually? Is there any other 3rd party app changing the postbit?
  21. thx fixed and fixed. This were issues caused by guest content.
  22. Is the mod permission set? Should I take a look at your installation?
  23. Hi, it means that IPS 4.4.x isn’t supported anymore. IPS 4.5 is fully supported 🙂
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