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  1. If there is a rule in particular that you are wanting to troubleshoot, edit the rule and turn the debug option on for it. Then you can perform the action again which you expect the rule to apply to and check the debug log to see if it contains an error or if it did not meet its conditions or if it even ran at all. That would be what I would start with.
  2. If your session timeout is 30 days, and you want to ensure at least 30 days since the member has last logged in, then you set the scheduled follow up action for 60 days in the future. This ensures that the minimum amount of time since a user has last logged in is at least 30 days and at most 60. If you want to use posting as a trigger, then you can do that also. That's the beauty of rules. Pick the best solution for you.
  3. Ok, then when you say they "logged in" as recently as yesterday... do you mean they visited the site, or they actually logged in using username and password? Because the "User has logged in" event which triggers the email to be rescheduled only occurs when they actually log in via the login form. That could be part of the problem if you have a very long session timeout on your server. You can also turn the debugging option on for the rule and make sure that it is operating without error and actually rescheduling the follow up action for users when they do log in.
  4. You need to make sure that the action being scheduled for the follow up email has a "scheduling keyphrase" on it. If not, then the action will not be re-scheduled, it will have multiple occurances of the scheduled action.
  5. @christopher-w That seems like it should work. But the global template is used on all pages, not just forum pages, so that template will not have a reference to any particular forum to grab the custom field value from. My suggestion would be to find a template which is used by the forums app and insert the class in a wrapper element from that template. Otherwise, getting the forum reference to access the custom data field is going to be much more difficult.
  6. Thats the right rule. It will run when a member actually logs in.
  7. Its because of the way that collabs works. It filters all content queries to the context of a specific collab when a collab is the container of a page being viewed. Thats just how the collabs app is able to do what it does in an abstract way.
  8. Create a custom action to use for your bulk move process. It will use a topic as an argument. Now add a rule to that custom action which moves the topic to the forum of your choice. Now schedule that rule to run in bulk for all your topics. Dont forget to add a condition to your rule so that you dont move every single topic on your site.
  9. Is this the message you are referring to? What is the error? I don't see one there.
  10. We've discussed this. You have an issue that I cannot reproduce on my systems and you are unable to provide me with the means to troubleshoot the problem on your particular system. I'm sure the fix is simple. But impossible to guess.
  11. In the bottom description of that php code editor it shows that the variable that holds the record is named $content. Try using that one.
  12. Well I dont know then. You cut all the important clues out of the screen shot you provided such as the event and the available variables to your php code.
  13. Yeah. Dont use it as a method call. Like... remove the parenthesis.
  14. I dont think that primary id field is a method on the record. I think it is just a property.
  15. Yeah, it's called Group Collaboration. You can find it in the marketplace.
  16. The intro text is customizable from the collab edit page. Change the collab description. The heading has a customizable photo so that any backdrop can be placed behind it. Beyond that, you are getting into very specific theme related tweaks, at which point the best approach is to customize the templates according to your theme.
  17. Find the rules_scheduled_actions table in your database and delete all the entries.
  18. I'm not able to reproduce this issue. I would need to have a look at your site to be of further assistance. Please provide details of how to access your ACP via PM. Thanks.
  19. I will test this out and get it patched up.
  20. The main problem is that reputation is not a bank that you can add to or remove from. It is a tally of reactions to content and therefore is a mathematical function. So adding reputation is not as simple as incrementing a counter. It requires a reaction to be made on a piece of content. It can't simply be arbitrarily added or removed.
  21. The leader is the owner of a collab. Its not based on roles. To change it, the member must transfer ownership to another member from their collab memberships management page, the link to which is located in the user account menu.
  22. Let me put it this way. Group collaboration doesnt add fearures to forums. Forums work exactly the same in a collab as they do outside a collab. So if you need guidance on how to use the forums app, then the documentation for that is on the IPS site.
  23. Yes, you can do all that. Just get your configuration correct.
  24. You need to use the "Collaboration Memberships" page from the user's dropdown menu while logged in as the owner, and transfer to another member.
  25. Yes. Not sure what exactly you are asking, but I'm sure that you can do it. There is member management for each collab, and ACP permissions settings for each collab category.
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