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  1. Can you show me what it is exactly? Not sure I follow...
  2. I can take a look. Also, maybe poke this guy to expand this a bit:
  3. All I Want for Xmas (late version)... I will gladly take a button, stuck in the header of any tab in the developers center, that when clicked will parse the relevant in_dev css file/s for {{if settings.myplugin_setting_thing}} As is, I might have reached my limit for working with this limitation and will, to maintain sanity, add in a ton of hooks that just paste in an accessory css class and then fill the css file with all the possible use-cases. (so the spammed css classes added in by hooks would be things like .myplugin_setting_thing1, .myplugin_setting_thing2, and so on). It's not quite double the work but it is a ton more hooks that wouldn't normally be needed. I'll also take a hint as to where I can look for a method to do this myself
  4. @Sergey_SV Is KS the first plugin in the list of plugins in the acp? It pretty much has to be right now otherwise it will over-write any other plugins that modify that area. For the other bit I'd have to add that in, or, let me look and see if that already exists in IPS and I can use that then. EDIT: Of course there is an IPS language bit for that already. I'll make that change.
  5. I'm trying, hard, to work with the IPS system calls to get more than 5 images per row in a Gallery album. ips.ui.photoLayout.js is the problem. The two key elements to accomplishing this are an easily changeable data element on an OL: data-ipsPhotoLayout-minHeight='300' That's just a simple hook to change that number lower to allow for smaller thumbs however, about 1/3 of the way in on ips.ui.photoLayout which is called by the gallery.front.browse.list js controller attached to this OL... /** * Run the resizing process * * @returns {void} */ run = function (data) { var initialHeight = Math.max( options.minHeight, Math.floor( currentWidth / 5 ) ); That 5 effectively limits me to 5 or fewer images per row no matter how small the images themselves can be resized (I've only gotten 4 max that I've seen). Changing that is not easily done. Sure, I can dupe the entire method, change the number, rip out the original and force feed my copy into the system js build out routine but that's pretty hardcore (against terms?). Mixins don't appear to be do-able on these utility js things. The truth of the matter is, and this really would make my day, just changing that hard coded 5 to a 12 would fix *everything*. At the stock data-ipsPhotoLayout-minHeight='300' it's pretty much business as usual but that 12 would allow changes (lower) to the minHeight to do something. It would let this js controller "breathe" and let through more per row. If you would argue that doing so might ruin the informational hovers that appear when images are cursored over, that's easily tackled but I can see the argument for stock users if they jack thier album full of super small images, in whch case passing through a data-attribute would work wonders here - either a bit flip to allow "more per row" or a straight pass through or something. Naturally this would have to be on the actual called controller which is gallery.front.browse.list (which then calls this ips.ui js thing). I'll take either/or.
  6. I've taken another pass at some of the IPS Focus theme stuff. Ehren has changed enough of the userBar to make the KS option to display just the member name or just display the avatar pretty much broken. I passed on some alterations to him a few months back that would make it compatible (and keep the IPS Focus look) but those haven't been adopted. And... I'm not gonna work around this stuff. So, just leave that KS setting on default if you use IPS Focus stuff. Remember, I can only target the default theme. I will, since it was fairly easy to do, option into KS an IPS Focus exception for this breadcrumb junk though.
  7. html[dir="ltr"] .ipsList_inline.ipsPos_right > li:last-child { margin-right: 15px; } [itemtype="http://schema.org/BreadcrumbList"] li:last-child{ padding-left:10px; } ul.ipsfocus_breadcrumb li:last-child { padding-left:10px; } Assuming his breadcrumbs are the same across most of his themes (and I think they are) the above three bits should do it for top and bottom. Remove any other things like them in your custom.css. Tested with the breadcrumb options in KS, all good except the remove trailing separator doesnt do anything as Ehren has removed all the separators in his theme/s, replacing them with the angled border stuff. I can actually add this code into KS as an option for those with ipsfocus themes.
  8. Make sure KS is enabled and let me know. Then I can make the correct the correct css for you when I look at your site. I do have at least one of Ehren's themes. The conflict is that that nav bar isn't stock anymore. There is a new div wrapper, then the social icons are floated to the right in that div, and then the IPS breadcrumb nav is inserted in the div. Solveable problem, just need a few minutes now that I see you need the entire thing handled and not just the stuff on the right.
  9. ul.ipsfocus_social { padding-left: 0px !important; } html[dir="ltr"] .ipsList_inline > li:last-child, html[dir="ltr"] .ipsList_inline.ipsList_noSpacing > li { margin-right: 0 !important; } In your custom add that, removing any others in there. Did you want all activity or unread content, or both to appear there? That's the end result - ignore the changed color of the breadcrumb bar, just did that to see what was going on better.
  10. Are you talking about the grey separator line to the left? Do you want both all activity and unread content to appear? EDIT: Actually, now I think I see it. Hang on. Remove the ul.ipsfocus_social css I gave you above. Then add this: html[dir="ltr"] .ipsList_inline > li:last-child, html[dir="ltr"] .ipsList_inline.ipsList_noSpacing > li { margin-right: 15; }
  11. So what is it you are trying to do? This is what I see:
  12. ul.ipsfocus_social { padding-left:15px; } It's conflicting with that social focus add-on (or theme feature) Add the above to your custom.css. That will bump out the padding a bit.
  13. This will be specific to your theme or any alterations that you made. Since I allow you to move those bits around I have to allow for a "Default" setting and the IPS default is both of those bits, thats why they have re-appeared. If this isn't a theme-based change then just making sure KS is at the top of the plugin list should fix things. Either way, just add this to your custom.css .ipsBreadcrumb [data-action="markSiteRead"] { display:none; } That should remove that bit. If it doesn't just PM your site adress so I can look at the page directly and then I can give you the correct css. In a future KS update I will separate both of these elements out instead of treating them as a single entity. That way you mess with "mark site read" and "unread content" individually.
  14. What are you trying to have done? Adding? Removing? Padding?
  15. Done (as in yes, it's done). Next update.
  16. This was all actually fixed before but there are still some minor irregularities in how the CSS files are imported. What works while in-dev might not parse correctly when the plugin is imported elsewhere. This mainly occurs when you have if-then logic in the css file. I moved a few things, made a few of those if-then checks a little bit syntactically tighter and that seemed to solve the problem/s.
  17. Kitchen Sink 11.1 released! Etc., etc...
  18. Sent fix for Foolboy to test
  19. Kitchen Sink 11 Released! Should fix most of the stuff that needs fixing. Back when IPS 4.0 was released one of the first things I threw out into the Marketplace was a derpy little thing that allowed you to adjust the number of topics displayed (or files displayed) when viewing a forum or downloads category as IPS had for reasons unknown hardcoded it to 25 and had no setting to adjust it. IPS finally got around to sticking that setting in natively a version or two ago, and now with the Leaderboard this old code now conflicts. I should probably remove the free plugin from the Marketplace, as it is, jsut removing it from KS will solve that problem. This should fix the months old dual avatar display bug that occurred for some in the userMenu. Also when displaying dual stats (topic count and post count) I *think* it's better but not all the way there yet. I might not have folded those fixes into this dev build though. Yell at me if not.
  20. For those of you still pushing for AMP, consider the hell that would ensue when all the templates and 3rd-party apps/plugins would need to be extensively re-written to accomodate these changes. AMP requires a single css style sheet. IPS uses a multitude plus apps/plugins/themes have thier own. All elements must have specified sizes. All of them. And on and on it goes. AMP - with form support even - is still targeted at "static" pages. If AMP was around when IPS 4 was being conceived and engineered then yeah, maybe. But now? It isn't going to happen with IPS 4x.
  21. On first glance I would say I saw "something" regarding CGI config but didn't pay much attention to it so didn't mention it here. Now I'm going to wonder what the setting is between CGI/FastCGI that is tanking it. Suppose I should look...
  22. 5 min 30 = 330 seconds. And your php settings are already north of those. I'd test this against a live install but none of mine have Downloads live at the moment. But it was clear sailing on my notebook.
  23. Another possibility is mod security or firewall stuff that has similar file size limits set mod security has something like this SecRequestBodyLimit
  24. Sorry, looks like this one is going to be tougher. If you havent already, submit a support request - you're paying for it! Are you saving the files locally or do you havethem going elsewhere (Amazon S3, etc...)? Also, edit the Downloads file category you have these going into and check under the Submissions tab. Make sure you don't have a file size limit set there.
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