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Activity Stream URLs and SEO


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For SEO purposes, is it possible to define a custom/friendly URL for a given Activity Stream URL?

Example:   /index.php?app=core&module=discover&controller=streams&id=6 has a FURL of /discovery/6

How can I redefine a given /discover/6 to something like /xyz

I see where there are custom FURL entries in AdminCP but the actual URL has to be something that ends in /index.php?...

I guess I could add a redirect in .htaccess but was looking for a way to customize this via IPS


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1 hour ago, Nathan Explosion said:
  1. Go in to your ACP
  2. Type 'Friendly' in to the search bar
  3. Click on 'Customize friendly urls'
  4. Add a new friendly url by clicking 'Create new'
    • Friendly URL: xyz
    • Real url: app=core&module=discover&controller=streams&id=6
  5. Click Save
  6. Magic.

I think the order of the FURL definitions/rules probably matters, but there is no way to customize the order.  What I'm experiencing is the pattern match for {id} seems to take precedence.

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