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Need skilled programmer to make script to port customer data

Michael Parent

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Hi everyone.

I'm looking for a skilled programmer who's familiar with the IPS Commerce system who can create a script to import all of my customer data from my old store system through DPD into my new store system on Commerce.

We originally used DPD (https://getdpd.com/) to sell our products online, but have switched many months ago to Commerce on our IPS system.

The problem is, we need to import all the old customer accounts and the info for what products they own to the Commerce system so we can close out the DPD account and more easily serve all customers.

 I downloaded all customer data from DPD as CSV files and have created a list of the DPD product numbers and the corresponding products in the Commerce system..

 Can you please give me a price quite for making a custom script to resolve this importing issue.
I think what we'd need to do is:

1) check if accounts exist for each customer email.. if not, create an account for them, sending an auto email that tells them their randomly generated password.
2) In the account for that customer, read what products they had in the old system, and give them the equivalent products in their account in Commerce.

I can provide an example of the DPD CSV format upon request.

If you might be interested in this paid work, please email me at mike@brashmonkey.com


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