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  1. Hello Jose, Today I Upgrade to 1.2.5 But I have problem with that. I Checked All permissions several time and this is not Problem but The main page of iCredits Won't Open. [#CP1004] My forums won't open and it's completely White screen. When i remove [not disable] iCredits, forums will be open. I Tried To Remove completely App And reinstall it and Also I try to recache The skin but i still have problem.
  2. But, I it's better to say the contribute that have been accepted and not any kind of editing. Accepted and Public Edits perhaps better.
  3. Thank you Jose for this great update I only forgot to tell about IP.Content. now we have points per new article and comments and it's great. Please add another points per now for Edit Records. This is helpful for Users like me When Active Wiki-Style in IP.C's Records. this is help us to Encourage collaboration and editing. Thank you very much
  4. Hello Jose, with iCredits When a user send a new post, blog, image and ... receive Specified Points. When any of these posts have been removed by a moderator, this specific points also must be removed automatically.
  5. Hello HeadStand, Thanks for this Perfect hook, I like that. Now we can use it in Blog/Gallery/Calendar and Downloads, Can you work on Nexus and IP.Content? I highly need these two (Specially IP.Content). Thank you again.
  6. Hello Jose, I think iCredits Need a new points per now for IP.Content Records, as well as ip.blog, for submit new Record or Comments now in IP.C. Thank You.
  7. @Marcher Technologies I think this process is going to be long. Can you respond the PM and resolve this problem?
  8. Thank you, I tried change to 80 But it's not worked! Even I tried cahnge: {parse expression="IPSText::truncate( $item['i_desc'], 30 )"} to {$item['i_desc']} This changes also doesn't work. --- I Use Items in User info pane and this template post_items probably used for post area / i Can't fine userinfo pane_items template. ---- Jose I can't find Tab name Phrase (profile) in Language pack. how can i change that?
  9. Hello Jose, "Description for this item" have some limit for characters in clickable card in User info pane. How can I disable this limit? - In Item Setting and "Restocking Settings" section when I set Enable Restocking ? to Yes and save, if I check again this item is set as No Automatically. - Again in Item setting When I Leave permissions, this item have not any permission and for each item i must set a permission. please give me ability to "Select groups that can NOT view this item" -or- When we leave the permissions is Automatically set for all. - for Items "Group Perm
  10. In Points Per Image Addition and Points Per Image Comment and all of this Points per (Points Per Blog Entry, Points Per Blog Creation, Topics, Posts ...) as overall, in economy we can set negative cost for restrict a section. Until the specified credits value is not gained, users can't sending a record. this is not only a feature for gallery.
  11. Hello Jose, I managed the permission for sell back items (blank items) but when i sell back these items there is show a error [#IT1000] and item won't selling beck. Also when i trade them (even items like change member title or name) this error happening again. --- I disable Bank system But still exist in member details (Credits: X - in bank: Y) when i purchase a item (cost: 20) Credits (20) is not decrease and only credits of "In bank" is going to negative (in bank: -20) / While Bank system is disable.
  12. it's very very bad. I use this feature in ib.economy and it's highly recommended. we must be able to restrict all of this points setting and negative points is must important jose.
  13. Hello, iCredits accept Negative amount? In icredits gallery setting I Set add comment to -5 but every users can submit comment. I don't test other setting. Also when i save gallery setting, is redirect to Blog setting.
  14. I sending to you a PM But I think you forgot to check it.
  15. Hello Marcher, Thanks for Reply I set it before and yes, Contents is loading But only for guests! When You loging in [admin, member or other groups] Only display "nopermission" Instead loading contents.
  16. Hello Marcher. I need your help in Widget Kit topic. Thanks :)

    1. shahed


      Hello Marcher,
      I send a Personal Message for you about Widget Kit. Please read this and help me.

      Thank you.

    2. shahed


      Hello Marcher,

      I send some information in PM for you but i think you forgot to check it.

    3. shahed


      Hello Marcher, Check your PM.


  17. I am wondering because when i export this block as hook, this is working on board index sidebar !
  18. Hello, In Responsive view, There is no any button in Editor. fast reply / comment editor and full editor. How can I add button for responsive? Thank you.
  19. Thank you jose, This new Features is very great and useful. I have a question about one option, in fact i don't know this option exist in settings or not! Is that a option for each items to display or not on user info pane? This option is not in ibeconomy, But it's recommended. perhaps purchase one item is not need to display on user info pane and another item need to. if one option exist in create Items, like: "Display in user info pane?" admin can control every items created for it. Thank you again.
  20. Thank you José, I like this new features. I have some suggestion: 1) Add iCredits data (like total point / items member have / donate button and ...) in Member's Profiles as New Profile Tab. 2) Point for add advert in Classifieds and add event in Calendar. 3) Integrate with "VIP Members Application" for Create Items for this type Promotions (Create Item for Promote to VIP). Thank you.
  21. Hello, We have a setting about "Enabled in Content" but it's not worked in "Custom fields of articles and databases". It's Highly I needed. Can you work on it? Thank you.
  22. Yes, I do. Perhaps the problem is that some of the server function is disabled... I don't no, But I think this is only my problem. Anyway I must waiting.
  23. Hello, Problem about 0 is back again for some users. And jose, I can't send you PM.
  24. Jose i think you are block your messenger system. I can't send you PM.
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