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  1. There is no unhappiness about CKEditor actually. IPS use CKEditor, CodeMirror, Plupload, own custom works, design and ... that what i mean about scattered. i just was Curious why IPS don't try to make one full Editor for their own. There is more than 1 year after first release of IPS 4.0 and why is that so many security report IPS resolve? specially xss type. compare to 3.4, IPS 4 have many more xss vulnerabilities to resolve so far. About 4.0, actually don't feel Stable, compare to 3.4 because we have nearly every 3 release and one big security resolve version. and of curse more XSS vul
  2. Yes, but this is supported by IPS itself. use for one purpose only and for their suite.
  3. I don't call this as wasted. in this point i agree if we talk about a google framework editor. But this is CKEditor we talk about. the home of vulnerability used in everywhere of the IPS suite.
  4. Current CKEditor is a modified as it looks and adapted with apps. not only attachments, files and ... but Embed links and more. I don't think how big of this project cause big deal for IPS. They have their own Framework for making the apps and services. they know what they build and they can support, improve or listen to feedbacks. Framework they made is their creation. but when we talk about CKEditor, this is another matter entirely, Upgrade to next version of "Their product" , go to "Their site for plugin". of curse IPS made changes for CKEditor to prevent major vulnerability but look at tha
  5. When IPS using its own framework structure for these massive and great Applications and services, why you guys don't making your own Editor? Editor is really one of the most important part of all applications. How about using your own framework for making Editor, not this CKEEditor or either. Scattered, need upgrade, need security measure. all depend to another groups. In this case you know what you deal with after all. CKE have so many many add-one yes but more of them is useless. I think the number of All usable and required Not more than 30-40
  6. For those who have interest, There is a modification for improvement Wiki-editing, but it works with IP.Content. (IPB 3.4)
  7. Just an idea, I think it's been great if we have a new Field type for Profile Fields name "Tags"! Tag profile field can help if users uses as Address, interest and more. for example for interest user type in field "FilmX". it's been tagged and all user if define this film will be listed. it's Admin choices which Field type must be as Tag and permission must be honored by global Tag setting.
  8. Hi there, I don't see any Block about mini calendar for IPS 4 Blogging. Not in ACP setting, not in Blog section of Global Block manager or not even Calendar section. mini calendar For Blog's entries is really necessary. it's about nature of blogging. why it's removed from IPS 4?
  9. Hi

    Sijad Please Check Your PM.


    1. shahed



      I like My Status :rofl:

  10. Hello, I read the previous posts on this topic, i don't know mobile problem is resolve or not but still i have this problem.
  11. Yes. all members have this issue. none of credits pages (global / trans / shop ...) won't open now (with that error). but credts exchange and ... works fine.
  12. Hello Jose,Today i upgrade to 1.2.10 version but now i can't access to application main and sub pages (Error CP1005). event in profile credits Tab area. i also must noticed all credits working fine now. Thanks.
  13. Yes, Exactly. for example in Wikipedia we have many ways for linking. you can use this type for add Image to a article from Upload section: [[file:filename.jpg|size(by px)|left or roght]] // in Here we can use Gallery app as Upload section and adding image from gallery to another apps: [[gallery:image/movie name|size|left or right|description]]. or in Wikipedia we can use this type for linking articles between two different language. for example in En.wiki you can write [[de:article name|display name]] for linking a article from another wiki to this wiki. // in Here we can use this type when w
  14. I just see in Pages Wiki-style editing is not have any Differences with IP.Content. You can enable this feature and members can edit records from that database and nothing more. i have some idea for Improve this ability on Pages: You must know when your article or your following article become edited, moved, locked or deleted. For any action on the following article in Wiki style, you must receive a notification. this is very important in wiki system to know your following article have been edited from another users. following a article now is just a simple notification about new comment or r
  15. So as i see, the ownership of this App is now changed. i mention new owner @CodingJungle in here and i hope he can solve my Old problem about this app.
  16. Hello, I purchase this hook but it's not work at all. Users can't chose other members images and also they unable to use them.
  17. I don't want to remove This line from globaltemplate anymore It's become big problem in another pages.
  18. First i try to use jquery-1.11.0.min.js in fcontent_css and turning on Load jquery libary but its not worked. after that i use iframe code and turn off Load jquery libary. This is also not properly functioning. I can see some slider thing but its not good. also in all two solution Ajax Window is not work correctly. I send you ACP Access. Thank you.
  19. If the Direction issue aside, I have two more problem. after removing the jquery-1.11.0.min.js from templates i have issue overall in my community. I try to set Load jquery libary as No but it's not worked. Secoundly i have problem about Ajaxed windows for Adding a content / Edit / Move or Delete. This Windows is not open now.
  20. direction:rtl !important; is not work. when i try direction:ltr !important; it's work fine but it's wrong pagination in my language.
  21. Now Look I Remove this code but i think I have problem in another pages on community Because this code is my built-in for Skin. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://forums.bazipedia.com/public/style_images/ipbp_crown/_custom/_js/jquery-1.11.0.min.js"></script> Also My Language is RTL and i think i must try direction:rtl !important; However, after Resolve all of this Problems.
  22. See this page Also when i use manual content, in slider, Add button is not Ajaxed. it's just open a new page "Manage contents in slider" for editing
  23. Hello, I just Try this app. for Test i use cnotent type as RSS. next i use the code in IP.Content (Create New html block) This is the result:
  24. Me too, I think It's must Re-upload on marketplace.
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