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  1. Hello, What changes it's need to be better?
  2. Live Demo Please use this Topic for Support and Ideas for Pages Legend Grid News
  3. Version 2.3


    Legend Grid News Is a series of Page-App-Templates accompanied with a powerful plugin, so you can create a very flexible layout throughout your Database, Category and Record View pages. These templates can be used on a New Page app Database setup or can be assigned to an existing Databases. Templates mainly designed to be no-need-IPS-wrapper so user can have the best possible experience with templates. this come with one limitation, that Admin can't use IPS drag&drop Sidebar Management. Plugin off course have built in features for widgets, and, also admin can choose to use templates with IPS-Wrapper from the start and using Sidebar Management normally. Note: Usage of this product requires IPS Pages App 4.5 --- For IPS Pages 4.3 / IPS 4.4 Please send me PM Features: Very Nice and flexible to play it's layout for FrontPage area A nice, stylish and Built-in "Featured Record Section" that can be set to show 3/5/6 of your latest/pinned records (Improved) Grid View for FrontPage body section that can be set to show 2/3/4 grid per line Nice/customizable Hover effects for grid items Omittable Parts in Grid Items, you can choose to show which part to see Very Nice and flexible Category Page: Grid can be set to show 2/3/4 grid per line Nice JQuery Tool for Users to swipe between 2/3/4 grid per line at any time (Improved) Nice Template for Record view with a Full-width Record Image Section. (Note: If you choose to use IPS-Wrapper for your Database, this part is only place to be effected and won't be a full width area anymore) Nice Block/Widget template match for all of these template, can be used in every places in Page app, including non Legend Grid News databases. And many more feature and much more to come You can now choose between grid or list layout in Frontpage and Category view seperately, with just a click of a button! (List Demo) (New) Better Support for when you use template normally with IPS-Wrapper (Demo) Live Demo Template/Plugin Can be used Multiple time in one domain installation. Different Pages Legends Templates: Pages Legend Reviews for creating feature Reviews Pages Legend Profiles for create Profile pages for subjects
  4. Thanks, I think there is a miss describe, because it's not the entire template tag. It's just block identifier should be placed inside textarea. so this line are in template, in exact space as Just {block="block_name"} should be. {{if settings.setting_key}}{setting="setting_key"}{{endif}} I want add these blocks there line by line. and I don't want it for a single or two specific block.
  5. Hello, Recently I started to create new plugin for a IP.Page Template. Plugin currently works just fine, except in one area. and I don't know if it's a bug. I use this method to insert IP.Page Blocks through a plugin: $form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\TextArea( 'setting_key', \IPS\Settings::i()->setting_key ) ); As a textarea field, like adding {block ="block_name"} in plugin line by line. while I can use HTML tags in textarea, but the {block ="block_name"} won't parser as a normal block. It's just adding a RAW {block ="block_name"} in IP.Pages template space. And this is for summon the setting contents in IP.Pages Template space. {{if settings.setting_key}}{setting="setting_key"}{{endif}}
  6. Recently I created a new plugin for sidebar through IPS\Helpers\Form\TextArea But it's doesn't works properly with {block ="block_name"}. setting for template are already in place and I can add anything from texts to html tags, except custom blocks, these lines won't parser as blocks. Anyone have any Idea?
  7. Yes this is something I consider. it's need whole a lot of reworks. No, this isn't what I said. Yes adding blocks to template manually works all around in Page.
  8. No it's not, I have to make some specific changes for templates and it's needed to be before/after of <main> element.
  9. Yes I implement relative IPS codes, and whole block manager system works, all the way until you just reloading the page and widgets where placed in area will disappears. This is the custom wrapper code. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="{expression="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->bcp47()"}" dir="{{if member.language()->isrtl}}rtl{{else}}ltr{{endif}}"> <head> <title>{expression="output.getTitle( $title )"}</title> {{if settings.ipbseo_ga_enabled}} {setting="ipseo_ga"} {{endif}} <!--[if lt IE 9]> {{foreach \IPS\Theme::i()->css( 'extra/ie8.css', 'core' ) as $css}}<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$css}">{{endforeach}} <script src="{url="applications/core/interface/html5shiv/html5shiv.js" base="none" protocol="\IPS\Http\Url::PROTOCOL_RELATIVE"}"></script> <![endif]--> {template="includeMeta" app="core" group="global" location="global" params=""} {template="includeCSS" app="core" group="global" location="global" params=""} {template="includeJS" if="theme.js_include != 'footer'" app="core" group="global" location="global" params=""} {template="favico" app="core" group="global" location="front" params=""} </head> <body class='ipsApp ipsApp_front {{if isset( \IPS\Request::i()->cookie['hasJS'] )}}ipsJS_has{{else}}ipsJS_none{{endif}} ipsClearfix{{foreach output.bodyClasses as $class}} {$class}{{endforeach}} ipsLayout_noBackground' {{if output.globalControllers}}data-controller='{expression="implode( ',', output.globalControllers )"}'{{endif}} {{if isset( output.inlineMessage )}}data-message="{expression="output.inlineMessage"}"{{endif}} data-pageApp='{$location['app']}' data-pageLocation='front' data-pageModule='{$location['module']}' data-pageController='{$location['controller']}'> <a href='#elContent' class='ipsHide' title='{lang="jump_to_content_desc"}' accesskey='m'>{lang="jump_to_content"}</a> {template="offlineMessage" if="!settings.site_online && \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->group['g_access_offline']" app="core" group="global" params=""} <div id='ipsLayout_header' class='ipsClearfix'> <header> <div class='ipsLayout_container'> {template="logo" app="core" group="global" params=""} {{if !in_array('ipsLayout_minimal', \IPS\Output::i()->bodyClasses )}}{template="userBar" app="core" group="global" params=""}{{endif}} </div> </header> {template="navBar" app="core" group="global" params=""} </div> {template="sidebar" if="theme.sidebar_position == 'left'" app="core" group="global" params="'left'"} <div id='ipsLayout_mainArea'> <a id='elContent'></a> {advertisement="ad_global_header"} {template="acknowledgeWarning" if="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->members_bitoptions['unacknowledged_warnings']" params="\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->warnings( 1, FALSE )" group="global" app="core"} {{if !in_array('ipsLayout_minimal', \IPS\Output::i()->bodyClasses ) and !member.members_bitoptions['profile_completion_dismissed'] and $nextStep = member.nextProfileStep()}} {template="profileNextStep" group="global" app="core" params="$nextStep, true"} {{endif}} {template="widgetContainer" group="global" app="core" params="'header', 'horizontal'"} {$html|raw} {template="widgetContainer" group="global" app="core" params="'footer', 'horizontal'"} </div> {template="includeJS" app="core" group="global" location="global" params=""} <footer id='ipsLayout_footer' class='ipsClearfix'> <div class='ipsLayout_container'> {advertisement="ad_global_footer"} {template="footer" app="core" group="global" params=""} </div> </footer> </body> </html>
  10. In pages app, I want to use a custom wrapper, instead of suite HTML wrapper. it's designed and I also bring drag and drop sidebar manager into this template, widgetcontainer are placed in this custom wrapper. I can drag and drop widgets, but after reloading pages, they will disappears. Why widgets disappears and how can I make it work.
  11. That would be even more great if clubs does supports Pages app
  12. Comments just like Posts, should have IP addresses as well.
  13. Yes It's Worked. Thanks Adriano
  14. I try to restore 1.0.1 version and this time, plugin's sidebar management item appeared again.
  15. Week / Month Probably all tabs due year and all time tabs have users with more article than those recently submit unapproved articles. --- I'll tried to uninstall plugin/install again. but this time I don't have Top content poster section anymore in Sidebar management. Try cleared all cached with support section. but didn't work.
  16. Hello, Unapproved items still be counted in the list (Pages articles)
  17. Hello, I have restricted some User Groups, so their content be awaiting for approval. plugin count these posts too, I mean awaiting for approval contents is also being counted in the list. while these posts are not being seen by anyone except moderators. Also it would be nice, if hidden posts also deduct from lists.
    Great APP and more Importantly, Great Support from Developer. Thanks @Fosters
  18. Hello, How can I safely Export records from one Database and Import them to another Database?
  19. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin make your Pages application ready to use some of important "Wiki Markups" Note: Usage of this product requires IPS 4.2 / IPS 4.3 / IPS 4.4 / IPS 4.5 with Pages App Some of Markups can be using: [[article name]] or [[article name|test title]] markup for linking to articles. it's support Blue Links (if article by the name exist in category) and Red Links (If the article by that name wasn't exist in category. so red link are redirected to create article form, which is Title field automatically filled by the none-exist article by the name) All red links after creation, automatically turn into blue links in every place in category. Create Section headings with: ==H2 Section headings== and ===H3 Section headings=== Section headings automatically create Anchor box menu for contents as well. Create Templates articles so users can substitution in another articles by this markup: {{template:templatename}} List of all accepted markups are listed inside of package. Also "Wiki works Plugin" can be Perfected by "Infobox Buttons"
  20. Back in 3.4, there was a very useful options, that we could create pre-defined Tags per Category/forums. almost everywhere. one specific forum or categories (Gallery, Download, IP.C) could define own tags, prefixes... Now all pre-diefined tags should be create in Posting setting and as a global configuration. it means for sites like us, with so many cat/forums we should have more than 400 tags in that section. it's not works as helpful as before. IPS 4 Tag system have very great changes compare to 3.4 but removing per-forum / per-category setting for Tags is cause a bad headache.
  21. That plugin you mean Pages Category Images? So you suggest I buy that plugin too, for using the same images in Pages template?
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