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  1. Hello, Unapproved items still be counted in the list (Pages articles)
  2. Hello, I have restricted some User Groups, so their content be awaiting for approval. plugin count these posts too, I mean awaiting for approval contents is also being counted in the list. while these posts are not being seen by anyone except moderators. Also it would be nice, if hidden posts also deduct from lists.
    Great APP and more Importantly, Great Support from Developer. Thanks @Fosters
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This plugin make your Pages application ready to use some of important "Wiki Markups" Note: Usage of this product requires IPS 4.2 / IPS 4.3 / IPS 4.4 / IPS 4.5 with Pages App Some of Markups can be using: [[article name]] or [[article name|test title]] markup for linking to articles. it's support Blue Links (if article by the name exist in category) and Red Links (If the article by that name wasn't exist in category. so red link are redirected to create article form, which is Title field automatically filled by the none-exist article by the name) All red links after crea
  4. Back in 3.4, there was a very useful options, that we could create pre-defined Tags per Category/forums. almost everywhere. one specific forum or categories (Gallery, Download, IP.C) could define own tags, prefixes... Now all pre-diefined tags should be create in Posting setting and as a global configuration. it means for sites like us, with so many cat/forums we should have more than 400 tags in that section. it's not works as helpful as before. IPS 4 Tag system have very great changes compare to 3.4 but removing per-forum / per-category setting for Tags is cause a bad headache.
  5. That plugin you mean Pages Category Images? So you suggest I buy that plugin too, for using the same images in Pages template?
  6. I still waiting for this one. It's really needed. To use images in Pages templates, I kind of hoped ground control would be work like this one.
  7. Hello, As far as I can see, Public Clubs won't require anything. people can see them, enter and participate in their Contents. That feature means there is no need for in-clubs-restriction ... like create topic and ... So that doesn't make sense we have choose these type of club topics for Auto generated topics? Auto generation topics like in Pages categories, Files categories ... There is a Forum setting for these type of categories and Club Feature is not included in forum list. that make sense Clubs Topics are not included in these lists but for Public Clubs, I think it
  8. Hello @onlyME Could you consider adding new option for Default search type? Currently I choose to search for All content. in this scenario, you are opening a forum, a topic or ... in search bar we see, this forum, this topic, this file and ... and searching is gonna show us result from all contents, and not the type is display for us. so why quick search does not support default search type in search bar?
  9. As i report before, I have a custom theme and in this theme, neither of this three option wouldn't work. Body, html or /GC. So i should edit some template for making it right. here something come in my mind. take it as suggestion. Beside of upload image, give us some option for css class. for example, in my theme there is a css class for pageContent class. this one have #fff on it and prevent to display background image. if be options for this two class: pageContent and ipsLayout_contentWrapper in the same place as we upload an image. so when we give those css class some color
  10. If you just make variable for it, like $category ->gcimage // which is image uploaded in Category. that can be used perfectly in Pages templates. For header section?
  11. Hello, How can i use images in Pages > Block Templates? is there any variable code for image addresses? Also I suggesting add new place to show: in <header> section. Thanks for this great app
  12. I recently worked With drupal cms and in there there was a very very useful image management button. in there, you have one image button, where you can upload or using uploaded/existed images in your post. IPS system actually have all the feature but separated and need to gather in one place. Idea is gathering this two modal window in one: 1. Create button > Image gallery and 2. Insert other media > Insert existing attachments > Gallery images something like that:
  13. 1. There was an ability in IP.Content 3.4 that I using that for a long time. which when you activate Wiki editing in a Database, you have this ability to restrict Permissions per-category. which means, regular users didn't access for wiki editing in some DB and Categories. It was crucial for my site, because there was a Hierarchical structure. normal users only had access to editing in certain categories. Instead, only experienced users have acceess to all restricted categories. While we have category permissions list in Pages 4.x, but edit permission is not working when you activate wiki
  14. Version 4.0.0


    With 8 New Buttons to Your IPS Editor, You can Create Aligned Boxes, Max width Boxes, Table info Lines, Quote Block, Review Block, The good and The bad Block and Background image for your posts. Use them separately, combine them and Create new variety of paragraph formatting. Some Sample of usage: Create Infoboxes Like Wikipedia Image Boxes: Table Row Information: Full Width Box: Background Image: BlockQuote: Review Score: The Good and The Bad: And
  15. Hello, Working with Pre-defined Tags in IPS is really enjoyable. Something I really wanted back in IPS 3.4. Also Quick Tag editing is very helpful. In how Pre-defined Tags work, I think there is a room for improvement. I have pre-defined tags like: Apple smart phones, Samsung smart phones and son on... Suggestion list only works when you type "Apple" or "Samsung", but for example it should show something when you type "smart phones"
    Pages App is about making Databases, categories and articles. adding blocks per category, was my long time needed thing and there wasn't an easy way for doing that. App works fine. Thank You Fosters
  16. I like we can combine multiple widget in one (certainly widgets in same category and like drag and drop), as a tabbed widget. Also ability to put widgets in ACP's Menu manager.
  17. There is Always possible here to see members most Reputation by a selective time duration. I Really hoped for 4.2, Top Members section show us a time duration menu, at least a closed option in ACP so Admin could chose duration rather than "All Time" only. Leaderboard is a great feature and growing even better by these enhancements. but it's more focused on Reputation points rather than Contents creating ... event ranking people in leaderboard section itself, could be based on content creating, by user or admin side.
  18. Hi, Since IPS 4 "Tags page" use relative content from whole Apps, (Not the contents just based on one app), these pages are very looks like to the portal pages. so i suggest a little option here, for making pre-define Tags on ACP. like that: Tag name: XYZ Tag URL: xyz Tag description: This is all contents we have about Game/Film/whatever name XYZ ?! So people when open tag pages, they have a small description about whatever it is. it's very useful for both users and search engines.
  19. That's Great. well done IPS Just a very necessary feature. Just one suggestion about Top members. it's very great if it have period limitation. just like reputation, members with most content also must be displayed in period of weekly/monthly/yearly or ... rather than just all time.
  20. With this sort of Revision listing, i really worried about records with hundreds of revisions. Look at that. All of the diff boxes stored in one page? it's like Activity stream based on revision. it's not a good idea i think. and also where we can know about diff boxes? it's need a description for each of them. need a New Version | Old Version massages above the boxes. I find IP.Content's records revision area a little better than this one, in order to listing revisions of course. As suggestion, Pages 4.1 really need more improvement about this matter. Revision listing by Edi
  21. Hi, 1. In term of working with IP.Content Templates, we had a sidebar area name "Template Tags" and that was very useful. So many possibility of parameters and really helpful for template designing. Pages template's Work space is great now but this one is strongly missed. 2. There is no "Comment feed" to create as a block. like Recent Comments from Database/Category 3. In the new versions IPS bring back Some of the very necessary Blocks Filter options. i don't know is that me when i play in Demo version or is this is a problem. For Record Feed block, Sort option is
  22. There is no unhappiness about CKEditor actually. IPS use CKEditor, CodeMirror, Plupload, own custom works, design and ... that what i mean about scattered. i just was Curious why IPS don't try to make one full Editor for their own. There is more than 1 year after first release of IPS 4.0 and why is that so many security report IPS resolve? specially xss type. compare to 3.4, IPS 4 have many more xss vulnerabilities to resolve so far. About 4.0, actually don't feel Stable, compare to 3.4 because we have nearly every 3 release and one big security resolve version. and of curse more XSS vul
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