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  1. What version of group collaboration are you using?
  2. Its part of the forms app. In the applications/forms/sources folder.
  3. https://ipsguru.net/forums/topic/469-issue-with-forms
  4. On the user dropdown menu tbete is a collab memberships page. You can transfer ownership from it. That is a feature that would neex to be implemented.
  5. You can just add a new redirect forum with the link to a collab category or an individual collab and it will be displayed like a regular forum with the latest post or collab.
  6. You realize that it's being demonstrated on http://ipsguru.net?
  7. You can move forums into and out of a collab using the dropdown menu on the forums management. You can only move topics between foroms that are in the same context (either in the same collab or outside of a collab).
  8. This bug has been fixed. If you'd like a patch, go ahead and post your support request on the support site. ipsguru.net Thanks.
  9. @oldlock Maybe check the permissions on the forum? If you shoot me some links to your site and an ACP account I can probably give you some better advice.
  10. Make sure you are on the right page. You must be on the collab homepage to see the administration menu. Make sure you have your permissions set correctly. That can be affected by a collab category setting which will "restrict collab owners to collab permissions" (or similar wording). If you are a site moderator, make sure to have the moderator permission to bypass collab restrictions.
  11. Well, you cant really do that. How do you know which topic to check against when the second "duplicate" one is created. The topics are not related to each other and are not both present in the event, so I dont even know how you are attempting to check one against the other from a rule. How and why do you have duplicates anyway? It might be a better idea to just fix that problem before it happens.
  12. Collabs dont go inside collabs so I dont understand the question. Which primary page are you referring to. The collab category or the collaboration itself. The collab category can have its background image changed. Collabs can have a logo uploaded if allowed in the collab category settings. Beyond that, each collab has a description editor that allows the owner to put in an arbitrary description including embedded images.
  13. Heres what you do: Create a custom action that you will use to issue the points... call it "Issue Forum Topic Points" or similar. Give it a member object argument. Where you currently have the action to issue the points in your rules, delete that action and put your custom action instead. Then create a couple new rules for your custom action that you just created. One rule could check if the member is in your premium group and issue said points. Another rule can check if they are in some other group and issue the lesser amount of points. That is how to leverage custom actions to create one action (i.e. Issue Forum Topic Points) that has sub-logic to it using additional rules.
  14. Extra points for what. I'm sure there is. But I have no idea what you are talking about.
  15. With the member is validated event and the create path alias action. https://ipsguru.net
  16. That will work, however, it would be smart to include some static text into that keyphrase as well to make it unique to that specific scheduled action. Such as "Inactivity follow up email for member [member:id]". Otherwise, if you try to schedule other unrelated actions for a member just using the [member:id] as a keyphrase, then it will potentially overwrite an existing scheduled action with that member id that it has no business overwriting.
  17. You need to make sure that the follow up action is scheduled using a keyphrase so that it can be rescheduled properly everytime that the member logs in. If you do not have a keyphrase set on the action, they will all simply stack up on each other and you will have the problem you are having.
  18. You wont be able to add a date range constraint to the content count conditional. And I cant think of any other good way to check a condition like that.
  19. Here is one simple formula to do it with rules: Create a custom action that will do your member promotion (instead of using core IPS functionality). This way it is controlled by rules, and you can perform any number of corollary actions very easily at the same time. Create a rule that is assigned to the custom action that defines what the custom action should do. (Checks promotion conditions, changes the member group, creates the topics/notifications, etc). Trigger that custom action anytime you like to check for the correct conditions and perform the promotion if necessary. A good candidate event would be "member logged in", or you could even schedule the custom action to run automatically and bulk process all your members on a daily basis. That way it would catch them even if they hadn't logged in. For your convenience, I've put together a ruleset that you can use as a framework to customize to your liking. Here is an overview of it: Rule: Trigger custom action when member logs in Event: Member logged in to system Conditions: None Actions: Promote Members Accordingly (Trigger custom action: Promote Members Accordingly) Rule: Custom Action Rule: Promote Members Accordingly Event: Action triggered: Promote Members Accordingly Conditions: ( match all conditions ) Member is in a certain member group (Member is in the promotable member group) NOT Member attribute values (Member joined within the last 240 days) Actions: Change the primary group of a member (Change member's primary group) All you need to do is edit the Custom Action Rule which defines what the custom action does, make sure the member group conditions and promotion group action is set correctly, and then add any other actions you would like to happen (such as sending the notification). Good luck! P.S. I know there is a slight learning curve to rules since you're basically programming your own site... but if you manage to pick up the concepts, then you'll be able to do all sorts of amazing and cool things on your own without the risk or frustration associated with outsourcing for custom plugins. member-promotion-rules.xml
  20. Conditions are like filters. You place conditions on rules so that your actions only get invoked when the conditions are met. I thought you said you had it set up already for when they join a certain collab they would get a secondary group added. That implies you set up a condition there... Just do the same thing for the reverse rule.
  21. Use the "member is removed from collab" event.
  22. This sentiment keeps being regurgitated in this thread and is absurd. There is nothing wrong with obscurity. Quit saying this. Why do you think safes arent see through? Why do you think people hide them in walls and floorboards. What security minded people might say is that using obscurity as your ONLY form of protection is not a sound strategy. Like hiding valuables in a sock drawer. But taking that to mean that implementing a level of obscurity into a protection plan is somehow discouraged or not a good idea... well then there is an obvious fundamental misunderstanding of what security is.
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