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  1. I don't see of any way to import vb4 social groups to IPS clubs. Where are you seeing that?
  2. The can create their own pages in the sense that you can allow groups to use databases you have set up in the ACP. So they can create their own categories and records in those categories for that database. But configuring their own blocks and adding them to their collab is not currently possible due to technical limitations in the ability to control blocks visibility "per page" in core ips. Maybe when core improvements are made there...
  3. It is. The dropdown menu for nodes when managing them from the ACP has an option to move it to a collab. Where do I start. GC provides intelligent and granular partitioning of existing site resources instead of trying to recreate them in some other form. Because of this approach, it allows groups to use all apps at their full strength, in their full form, including all configuration features of that app that get added or changed as it evolves.... inherently. Clubs on the other hand provides an alternate way for apps to offer up their configuration in "club mode". For example, create a forum in a "club" and you'll be able to set its name and description. Create a forum in GC and you set its name, description, icon, password, theme, link, post count pre-requisites, order, nesting level, permissions, and everything in between. Similarly, it supports all apps that follow the container/content model out of the box because it doesnt attempt to know how to intercede with its configuration. They really are two totally different approaches that result in two different products. Other key differences that I can see is that GC also partions the permissions system in its full capacity also. Meaning groups are able to define their own custom roles inside the group with all the same moderator permission granularity of the main site assigned to those roles inside the group, and permissions matrices for the group content set up based on those roles as well. Then theres the whole rules ECA integration. Group memberships and actions can be tied into automation quite easily if needed. Clubs will be a great way for sites to roll out some basic group participation facilities. And GC will remain the solution for when you want to empower your groups to collaborate using the full power of the IPS4 community suite.
  4. No conflict. They work independent of each other. Although I have been tossing the idea around of setting GC up so collabs could have clubs inside of them. But that may be just getting too cute and/or redundant.
  5. I'll look into that. Thanks for the report.
  6. @mrbowers Are you talking about on 4.2?
  7. 4.2 compatibility fixes will be posted very soon. I'm just adding a few new features and other upgrades to GC while I'm at it to fill some gaps.
  8. That will need to be edited in the theme. I'll look to change that though for the next update. Since collabs can have logos now, it makes sense.
  9. So whats going to be new in 4.2 that hasnt been around for 2 years already?
  10. Google doesnt care one way or the other. Its like debating if a job interview is going to be more favorable if you tie your shoe laces with a single or double knot.
  11. Create a rule for when a record of your desired pages database has been featured, and add an action to unfeature it after the x amount of days.
  12. https://ipsguru.net/forums/topic/576-guest-view-issue
  13. Whatever minor overhead that is added by this app will be present regardless of how many apps you enable for collabs.
  14. You could use the product as the starting point in the process and then use rules to continue the workflow in some manner after the purchase is complete.
  15. You can sell memberships to site member groups via IPS Commerce app. Then allow that member group to create a collab in your collab category of choice.
  16. I see. That is the beauty of how collabs works. It simply puts up dividers to create spaces and enforce permissions. It doesnt have to imitate or recreate the functionality of an app to work. Thats how it is so flexible to work with nearly any new content app release that follows IPS conventions out of the box. You disabling the app is like taking the dividers down. When you uninstall the app, you can choose to have all content inside of collabs removed as well. If you dont, you are left with them. I dont see any more ideal way it would work.
  17. Members make their own boards in a collab as it stands. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.
  18. If that's all it is, then I'll make sure it doesn't throw anything off on the default theme and just add it to the app so you don't have to change it on every upgrade.
  19. Have whoever posted it provide the updated template code that is needed for best compatibility with the theme. I'll then update the collab app with it if it doesnt affect any default styling.
  20. If its simply a matter of a div tag missing to satisfy the themes styles, why not simply add it? Thats why you can edit any template in the IPS4 theme layer.
  21. The user dropdown menu on the front end. Like when you click your username. Is that where you are looking? Just click them all until you see a collab management page.
  22. For a member to join a group, they must consent (accept invitation). However, you can use the "log in as" feature to accept the invitation for them if needed. Thumb images are hidden on mobile for display.
  23. Use the path aliases app instead. There is a setting in that app to remove trailing slashes, and it has been updated to work with newer versions of IPS4.
  24. Forms appear to just not be a fully compatible for use in a collab at this time.
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