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  1. http://cpanelplesk.com/disable-suhosin/ For the record, some of your Suhosin settings are way way low but let's just disable Suhosin for now and see if it flies; like I said, much easier doing this than hitting s the vars one by one.
  2. For fun, disable Suhosin, then give it a try. There *might* be a few possible vars there crashing it out. Easier to disable and test than to alter the settings one by one. If it works with Suhosin disabled you've got the thing and just need to tweak as needed.
  3. Well, on my notebook WAMP install, 3.7 GB zip file. All good. So something is timing out on your server somewhere... Care to go to your ACP, Support tab, and bring up phpinfo? PM me the results or save them to a txt file and attach into this thread.
  4. Couple guesses. How much memory do you have on the server? Even though you have no memory limit set for PHP you still have the physical server memory to deal with (specifically how much is not in use and available to use for this process) Create a smaller zip file size of something or other. 2.4 gig, 2.2 gig, 2.0 gig. And then see where it fails. The 200 error thing is a little strange but signs point to this being a server problem at frst glance. Otherwise I(others) will need to look at the code and see if there is a limit somewhere. I'll see if I have a giant file around I can test locally with.
  5. Bump execution time up. A bunch. 320. Restart apache/nginx/whatever. Try again. If it fails in the same spot you've probably removed this ini setting as the choke point but pushing it to 640 and restarting/trying again to make sure wouldn't hurt.
  6. The blue circles means there are unread posts for you in the topic. Click the circle, takes you to the first unread post. If the circle is instead a star, that means that you have posted in the topic and there are unread posts in the topic. Clicking the star takes you to the first unread post. If the star is grey, that means you have posted in the topic but you have read everything in the thread. No circle or star means you haven;t posted in the topic but you have read everything in there. Should the topic title itself always link to the first unread post? Perhaps. If you want that behavior here you go: Now, here's where it get's tricky. If you don't want to use the above plugin and actually want a link within the topic to take you to the newest posts which is what you are asking for, hmmmm. Thing is, once you are in a topic, by defualt you have now "read" it. Not sure what you ask can be done (easily at least) on IPS4x. Best solution is probably the plugin linked above.
  7. Oh yes. Please Please Please. Use case: Slack/RocketChat/Discord bots. With that search api enabled we can get some seriously fun interaction going on. My specific use case is searching a Pages db while in RocketChat. - Hey, remember that question about the boat on an english river? - No, let's find it quick. - !bot search questions english river <api gets hit, returns links to the first (let's have this set in the api to determine how many get thrown back - that is the api REST request can send alongside the search term and content type - all, forums, pages db, gallery, etc. the number of requests it wants back, 1 to 5 should do it) hits> <results pushed back into the chat, formatted as embeds or however I want them to look, linked of course> - Yeah, that's the one... and so on... Related: Are we getting fields beyond Title and Content flagged fields in Pages db's searchable anytime soon? Just put a toggle on the page db text fields for searchable/not searchable and append the text from them if toggled on into the search db entry for the record. It's all the same pile anyways.
  8. Since you guys are in here reading this let me throw this on the pile. When doing advanced searches on nodes (categories, whatever) can you please set it up so that when a parent node is selected the search will search parent *and* children nodes? Right now it searches the specified node and nothing more. Use case (changed from the specific but you'll get the gist) Pages CMS. Primary categories: Mice. Keyboards. Cases. Video Cards. etc... Children categories underneath Mice primary: Logitech, Razer, Cosair, etc... Now, an advanced search selecting the category of Mice will search just that. It will not search underneath to Logitech, Razer, etc... REQUEST: Children nodes included in searches automatically when a parent node is selected.
  9. Might have been caching that did it. I'll make a note to test that in the future. It may be that after dragging it to the top you have to disable/refresh/enable to get the datastore and other things going in the right direction again.
  10. Be sure to drag KS to the top of the plugin list in the ACP.
  11. Slight related bump. Throwing a search term at the REST API and getting the first five results or something like that returned. Yes. Please.
  12. System Overview grabs the size of your installed IPS directory. That's everything that is in there. To do that I have to crawl every file under your root IPS directory. All of them. There can be a ton of files there and that crawl might time out if your PHP script run time limit is on the low side. This is why I have this particular part of the widget on a 24 hour timer as it is a pretty hard routine. I can imagine on larger boards that have been in existence for years with all files stored locallly there could easily be 50,000 or more files to traverse. So, not out of the realm of possibility the next time you/someone else hits the dashboard more than 24 hours from now the same thing will happen. It seems the routine finishes behind the scenes so when you refresh the page after the page times out you are getting the IPS directory size already calculated and saved in settings. I'll give this a think and see if I can either do it another way or perhaps farm this method out to the IPS tasks system (which is probably what I will do...) Also, just a reminder to all. You have to allow access to /proc in your open_basedir settings if you are using open_basedir for security reasons. You also need to allow the disk_free_space (and diskfreespace) functions in PHP (not have them disabled). I can only get what you allow me to get...
  13. @Vianney Gantelmi No problems now?
  14. Looking at this now. It seems fine on profile view but when you tab over to the user's activity feed it bugs out. EDIT: Fixed. Gonna look at other stuff and see if I want to add anything else before release.
  15. Updates: Spacious ACP 5: - Fixes Online Admins widget avatar display Spacious Widgets 2: - Fixes stupid bug on my part that broke widgets on PHP7 installations - Better detection of disk space remaining - General code improvements @CodingJungle did me a solid and worked through some of my stupidity. The lesson being an unremarkable code error might *not* throw a whoops error while developing on PHP5 (and possibly PHP7 too...) and in fact the thing developed might work just fine. Until you put it on something running PHP7... Database widget is the next new thing and I'll probably get around to looking at responsive CSS for the widgets one of these days.
  16. Been sitting on some junk for awhile (other work had me elsewhere). While I've got a few I'll be working on an update to KS tonight. I think I'll get the better styled follow buttons in place. This also has the long time done but never released fix for the usermenu conflicts some have been having. Also, better handling of dual stats on forum views. Basically once you get into the five digit range for both stats or higher, formatting breaks. This will "fix" it but I'll probably have to add in few settings for you to adjust the width of that area manually for edges cases. That or just tell you the css to add. For those of you not following my work closely I've recently updated Spacious ACP. Much improved and it includes Spacious Widgets. You might want you some of that...
  17. PM me acp acess and I'll take a look
  18. Sounds like you got it figured out. spacious_acp.xml = theme spaciouswidgets.tar = app
  19. That image you posted is coming through Cloudfront, not Amazon S3.
  20. https://www.exoscale.ch/pricing/#/storage Those guys are in your backyard and it is apparently S3 compatible; so it might be just as easy to use as Delimiter. 100gig storage is $5/month plus traffic costs.
  21. Sure, hang on... https://ipstest.obj.space/twomegtest.jpg
  22. @amator https://ipstest.obj.space/testimage.jpg Knock yourself out. I've found that pingdom tends to indicate slower performance thna what I actually experieince in the browser. I would test with pingdom, and you'll probably see response times of over a 1 second (it is Atlanta, USA to Stockholm after all...), but be sure to just load that link up in your browser and see how it feels.
  23. https://stripe.com/docs/radar This is Stripe's internal fraud prevention system that is now part of the API and so on. It's baked in, you just need to start accounting for the data.
  24. Well, there's nothng to "fix" per se... If your server has open_basedir set in php.ini it needs to allow /proc to be read otherwise I can't get at the memory and cpu info files. Now if there is a bug, it's that I might be caught out in recent IPS changes in how they make apps handle versioning. And that will be taken care of when I bite the bullet, update my dev install, and set a new version number on the file.
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