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2Checkout Free Setup Fee Offer

IP.Nexus 1.3 will soon be released alongside the upcoming IP.Board 3.2. Dozens of our clients specifically requested 2Checkout as a payment gateway and we are happy to say that IP.Nexus 1.3 adds 2Checkout as a payment option.

Special Promotion from 2Checkout

We are happy to say that 2Checkout has agreed to waive their normal $49 setup fee for all IPS clients for the next 60 days. While IP.Nexus 1.3 is not out just yet you may want to take advantage of this great offer now to prepare for its release. To take advantage of this offer:
[*]Signup for an account, along the right side of the page, just below the fold. [*]During the signup process, when you are prompted for payment, you will find a "promo code" option. Enter invisionfree promo code in this field to receive the discount. Offer ends 15 September 2011. About 2Checkout 2Checkout.com (2CO) is a worldwide leader in payment and e-commerce services. Since 2000, 2CO has helped hundreds of thousands of online merchants with a global platform of payment methods and world-class fraud prevention services, hosted on safe, secure, and reliable PCI-compliant payment pages. 2CO’s merchants can accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Diner’s Club, JCB and Debit cards (in the U.S.) through one full-service payment solution. The system is functional in 30 currencies and is translatable into 15 languages to support international buyers. Best of all, it's entirely turnkey and you only pay when you generate a sale, empowering you to focus more time on building your business and less time worrying about payments. A bit of history... IPS was founded over nine years ago (in Internet time that's forever!) and when we were first organizing the options for collecting payments were difficult for a small company just getting started. For the first couple years of our operation, 2Checkout was the payment provider of choice for IPS. We would not be where we are today without their service and we know they are great option for a new business, or even an established business, making their place in online commerce.
    [*]Visit www.2checkout.com



Recommended Comments

[quote name='Michael' timestamp='1310775345'] I never got an option to put in a promo code, it looks like they are offering free setup for everybody right now?

When you sign up you're given a demo, but there should but a link to where you can begin your application. The area to enter the code is on the application.

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[quote name='R1Lover' timestamp='1310792614'] What are their rates? it seems they hide this info on there site?

Im also curious about this, is there reoccurring rates or is it free after set up? I have been paypal all the way so im just a little interested in how they do things before i get into it. But either way, great job guys on another great feature!! :)

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[quote name='invisiblex_merged' timestamp='1310807998'] their rates are high than paypal .. and if you get chargeback ..they charge $50- $75 on your account which eats up all profit. Also if you cross 1% chargebacks ..they will held your a/c.

Are you sure it is $50-$75? I believe it is more like $25

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[quote name='Black-Elmo' timestamp='1310811128'] Rates are 5.5% of the transaction total, plus $0.45. More information can be found at https://www.2checkout.com/documentation/op_regs_a.html

That's huge. Way more than paypal or other cc processing companies.

What do they offer than others don't

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[quote name='invisiblex_merged' timestamp='1310841261'] Newbies cant afford $50 chargeback fees. Only big companies can afford to make profit with such fee.

Perhaps if you stopped getting chargebacks, it wouldn't be a problem. Out of hundreds of transactions, I've only ever encountered a single chargeback - and that was via Paypal (hence I no longer accept Paypal at all). And for what it's worth, PayPal doesn't even allow you to dispute a chargeback at all like 2CO does if the buyer slams a dispute with their card issuer. And, you might want to re-read the terms again - they don't pass on the fee if it's because of CC fraud unless they flag it and you say "do it anyway".

Ultimately, I'd say the order of preference should be direct merchant processing (e.g. with a bank) > intermediate processor (e.g. 2co, Fastspring, Worldpay) > cash payments > not getting paid at all > Paypal.

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