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Skin Design Contest Winners

Choosing a winner for our skin design contest was a challenging task as all submissions were excellent. Ultimately, we chose the winning skin based on ease of editing and overall usability for inclusion in the IPB3 distribution as an alternate skin. There were some great skins that we could not choose so we hope that all of you talented designers that submitted such amazing skins will continue your projects outside of the contest!

Third Place

Invision Smooth by Derek M.

Second Place

Thoreau by No1 1000

First Place

CleanCut by ehren.

CleanCut is on our company forums now for preview. Thank you again to all who participated!



Recommended Comments

[quote name='Quillz' date='17 July 2009 - 12:47 PM']
What do these skins look like? And will they be a part of IPB 3?

Only the first place skin will be a default skin - those in 2nd and 3rd are free to decide for themselves what to do with their skins. CleanCut will appear in a later release of 3.x :)

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Congrats to ALL the winners and people who submitted skins, they are all winners to me! Nice work. You have shown everyone how nice/professional skins can become with IPB 3, really shows what good talent is out their!

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Hehe. I've got a moan (or 5).... :lol:

-- Status update box is missing from the hook
-- Loads of missing icons in Blog and Gallery
-- Tracker images are missing
-- IPS Blog header not showing
-- Topic view side-profile not correct

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ah, second place... oh well. Guess I should be grateful I placed at all. :)

To Charles, Rikki and everyone else involved, thank you for hosting this contest! [And for putting up with us all in the process.]

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I have one suggestion. I did a little comparaison on a slow computer. The default theme on IP.Board is very smooth when scrolling, CleanCut is lagging very much.

Congrats to the winners!

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I've currently finished designing a website theme for my Invision Smooth; which is a splash page for downloading the theme at InvisionSmooth.com

Just finalizing licensing, building (coding) the splash page, fixing minor bugs/issues, and what not before releasing the skin. Thanks for everyone's support and to IPS for being great contest holders. They're one of the few companies out there that have fun with what they do and work with others to ensure the smoothest transitions.

The design, upcoming site, and domain are all for sale as well, if interested. Price? Anything reasonable. Otherwise, I plan to support the theme for a while, depending on circumstances. Expect it ready next week.

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