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Our next community project: Gallery Uploader Tool

In part due to the awesome success surrounding our first community-supported project, we are in initial stages of preparing our next Community project.

As many of you may already know, Stewart had been working for some time on a Gallery uploader tool - an application a user could install on their computer to easily manipulate and upload multiple images to an IP.Gallery web installation. Stewart made great progress on the tool before he left, and while we do have employees here capable of programming in the C# language the tool is written in, we felt this would be another great opportunity to launch a community-supported project, similar to IP.Tracker.

We would like to gather up a handful of members who are familiar and able to code with C#, and who are interested in working on this project for IP.Gallery, so that we can put the necessary final touches on the project and release it freely to the community at IPS Beyond.

The applicants will need to work closely with me, as a heavy part of the project will involve php code necessary to interact with IP.Gallery. Additionally, any users who are also versatile in perl (or a similar CGI language) could be of use in overcoming many of the php limitations we commonly face (maximum file upload sizes, maximum execution times, and so on).

If anyone is interested, please send bfarber a PM with some background and how you think you will be able to help. I cannot guarantee immediate responses to everyone, and almost certainly not everyone will be chosen, but we look forward to hearing from anyone interested.



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Nice idea :)

I don't own a gallery license, I don't know C# or Perl so I can just wish the applicants a good luck :)

/* Turns back to his cave until a PHP/MySQL based project starts */

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I hope there would be a download tool related to IDM or Nexus. The current download function in IDM or Nexus(by browser or by one download thread) is too weak to download GB size files. If there is a tool like the one used in fileplanet.com would be very nice. In the future, more or less, downloading files in a controllable and reliable way would be a quite necessary function for the online software bussiness. Hope we can see such product from IPS soon.

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[quote name='bfarber' date='Aug 24 2007, 02:36 PM']I've had a couple of people respond, but would live to find a few more willing to work on the project. :) Please PM me if you know C# and are interested.

I know this is late, but would love to beta this on my site/forum.


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