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Modifying the signup page


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I'd like to modify the sign up page to say


Email Address - Please use the same email address as you used on x to ensure you can access the restricted forums.


Can anyone point me in the right direction of which php/html files these assets are generated from? I can figure it out from there.



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If you are looking to simply add the text next to the Email label field follow these instructions:


  • Admin CP > Customization tab > Languages


  1. Once there click this button (located top right corner): 5a1717443dae6_ScreenShot2017-11-23at10_45_09AM.png.e2bc7eafabf443373bf4659e9567cef4.png & click it.
  2. This will pop-up:
  3. 5a17179ddcff1_ScreenShot2017-11-23at10_46_26AM.thumb.png.1a3834fd58886b542fde2f567db57fd2.png
  4. The "Quick Translating" will be off by default. Click it on and save.
  5. Well logged in as an Admin on the Front side go to: yoursite.com/index.php?/register/ (I tested this and it works; hence why mine is clicked on & changed in the 1st post in the image above)


  1. When you mouse over TEXT it will highlight as yellowish:
  2. 5a171934d1c4d_ScreenShot2017-11-23at10_52_28AM.thumb.png.71e43bc86daaee492cb8dc0ae8d285fd.png
  3. Now PRESS & HOLD the LEFT mouse button until it changes to a text edit field.
  4. it changes to an EDITABLE type box :
  5. 5a1719ed9c7c7_ScreenShot2017-11-23at10_56_28AM.png.4de3c9dbe9769f53ab65ad74420f5c7d.png
  6. Type what you need (though I find, copy and paste better) and hit "Return/enter".
  7. Then go back to Admin CP > Customization tab > Languages and turn "Quick Translating" off.

NOTE: Quick Translating can be used to edit most words that appear on the front end (e.g.):


I used it to change "FORUM" label on the index page & the breadcrumbs home link text.

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