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  1. Yes, if topic has no image, the default image will be used. If you don't want the no-image topic, enable 'Ignore items if no image'
  2. Because your topics have no image. Please check and reupload the default image for that topics.
  3. @Christforums Try to set Resize and crop thumnails = 'no'
  4. Can I have acp access to take a look?
  5. After upgrading, edit slider and set Truncate = 1 or 2 (it's the number of lines now, not characters)
  6. onlyME


    @Joel R 1. It can not save 0 because of it knows 0 is unlimited. You should use permissions to disallow a group to post video. 2. The lang is catetory_desc and come from Links Directory 5. Do you mean the 'Promote' button? It's next to the Follow button 6. It's a bug, I will fix it in next version.
  7. onlyME


    Can I have acp access to take a look?
  8. onlyME


    I can not reproduce this problem, it works fine for me Please check the videoboxUpdateStreams task and make sure it wasn't locked.
  9. onlyME


    Try to run Get Support to clear cache. If it still doesn't work, give me acp access so I can take a look.
  10. Version 2.3.5


    Slider Maker is an application that allows you to create professional sliders, responsive layout and touch support for mobile devices. You can manually build your sliders by adding images, videos, content, animated layers. Or adding slides automatically from Clubs, Forums, Downloads, Calendar, Gallery, Pages, Videobox. It’s focused on performance, stability, accessibility to providing the best experience for user experience in mind. Providing a clean and intuitive user interface in ACP and a smooth experience for the end-users. Back-end features: Create and manage sliders with a clean and intuitive user interface in ACP. Customize the slides with different layers: Heading, Content, Image, Video (Youtube & Vimeo). Sort slides and layers with a simple drag and drop. Easy remove or duplicate a slide. Auto builds a slider from content items (supports Clubs, Forums, Pages, Downloads, Gallery, Blog, Calendars, Our Picks, Nexus Products, Videobox, Tutorials). Auto generates random CSS backgrounds for content items that have no images. Export and import allow you to create backups or move sliders between installations. Preview all your changes directly in the ACP. Breakpoints to change the configuration of the slider depending on screen size. Permission to view sliders. Front-end features: Fully Responsive Touch swipe Transition effects: Fade & Slide Carousel layout Animated and static layers Full Width and Full Window Full screen Auto Height Infinite scrolling Keyboard navigation Thumbnails Lazy loading Video support (Youtube and Vimeo). Different sized images JavaScript breakpoints Display slider in IPS widget (top, bottom, sidebar), or using slider's code to templates to display it everywhere. *NEW* Viewing content in a popup (supports Downloads, Forums, Pages, Calendars, Videobox) Examples: http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example1.html/ (Gallery with animated layers and thumbnails) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example2.html/ (Slider with animated layers) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example3.html/ (Carousel) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example4.html/ (Auto get contents from Forums) http://demo.ipsviet.com/slider-maker/example5.html/ (Auto get contents from Videobox)
  11. @Saurabh Jain Can I have acp access to test? I can not reproduce this problem.
  12. What version are you using? I remember I fixed this bug ?
  13. Don't edit popup after inserting mp4 attatchment to editor. I'm still looking for a solution.
  14. There are no solution, IPS does not support embedding mpg, it will be converted to text link automatically.
  15. There are .mpg files https://www.fileformat.info/format/mpeg/sample/index.htm
  16. MP4 works fine, but mpg not. It's not a bug from easypopup, IPS doesn't support embeding mpg in editor, try to test by posting some contents (topics, files...)
  17. I will test this problem. But your license was expired July 11, 2017, and the 2.1.4 was released May 8, 2018. Please renew your license and download file from Marketplace.
  18. What version are you using? And how do you upload mpeg?
  19. I have no way for this idea. This plugin is based on ips search.
  20. I will consider your idea.
  21. I confirm this bug, it will be fixed in the next version.
  22. Please give me the video url so I can test it.
  23. Try to add this css for 4 columns .tthumb_gal_item { width: 25% !important; } @media only screen and (max-width: 1000px) { .tthumb_gal_item { width: 25% !important; } }
  24. Ok, I will test this problem.
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