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  1. I confirm this bug, it will be fixed asap.
  2. In Categories selection http://prntscr.com/kqfqsk Do you mean IP.Downloads images? Enable this option doesn't have any effect to page speed because there are no more contents are loaded until you click on the link.
  3. I can not reproduce the issue, it works fine for me. Try to test it on default theme or give me acp access so I can take a look.
  4. I confirm this problem, it will be fixed in the next version. Did you enable "Show thumbs in streams & search results"?
  5. Hi, My app isn't related to Pages to play music.
  6. Try with = 100% in this html code <img alt="Find out now" style="width: 100%; height: auto;" src="http://www.readersdigest.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/mechanic-secrets.jpg">
  7. Please let me know your url so I can know the html elements.
  8. You should add css for your image with 100% width, and auto height.
  9. It's responsive, test it here http://demo.ipsviet.com/easypopup.html/
  10. I will consider your idea.
  11. It can not. It supports basic html code only.
  12. Do you have the html code?
  13. Try REVERT all templates and css of Featured Content, and then run Get Support to clear cache. If it still doesn't work, give me acp access so I can test it.
  14. You should disable WYSIWYG if using the code.
  15. onlyME


    You can use Video Feed widget, it also has Gridview 2
  16. Can I have acp to test it?
  17. I will find a solution, it's so difficult.
  18. @loccom do you use Top Center?
  19. You should turn off "Show scroll bar"
  20. I will take a look.
  21. can you give me demo?
  22. onlyME


    @Daniel F @Lindy please!!!
  23. onlyME


    Hi, try to open support ticket to ips so they will generate new Renew-Invoice for you.
  24. Currently you can use html for target=_blank to open new tab. I will update an option top open new tab/win for uploaded image in next version asap.
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