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  1. Not yet, 4.4 just released a beta version, please wait for the final versions.
  2. @kmk clicking outside the popup can close it.
  3. Hi all, Featured Content 4.4.0 has been released with ability to display contents in a gridview 😍
  4. @Clubimport please give me acp access so I can test it.
  5. Hi, it currently supports slider only. I will consider your idea.
  6. @Gilly fixed, please try 3.0.4
  7. I will test this issue.
  8. I don’t understand. If user want to show popup for the next page load, they can click outside the popup to close instead of clicking X button. Eg: you set INCLUDE Http://youdomain/profile/* and EXCLUDE http://yourdomain/profile/1-admin Popup will show in all profile pages but not in admin’s profile
  9. @forumdev99 could you give me acp access so I can see what causes the problem?
  10. You can try "Popup not show again after closing" Did you try "Alway exclude pages"?
  11. In Page Filter, select "INCLUDE" Display in pages: https://your_domain/profile/*/
  12. You can disable guest viewing popup, it will not affect the search engine.
  13. You can take a look my other app: Slider Maker, it supports adding elements (images, text, html, video).
  14. Unfortunately it only supports adding slider by image, url, or getting content from forums, downloads,... automatically. Does not support editor or html block.
  15. Hi, it doesn't support custom raw html.
  16. @liquidfractal did you set 'No Auto' for your slider? And permission "Manage Slider"? After setup the widget, you will see You will need to add image, url, title manually If you can not make it work, please give me acp access so I can take a look.
  17. onlyME


    In +Create button Or go to videobox > settings > enable “show ‘post new video’ button”.
  18. onlyME


    Try /video Or restore your menu (acp > menu management)
  19. @Namo edit your theme > core > global > plugins > bim_tthumb_showGridview Find ipsGrid_span13 and replace by ipsGrid_span2
  20. @Namo Your theme uses css that overwrite ipsGrid @supports (display: grid){ [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="500"]{ --grid-min: 400px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="400"]{ --grid-min: 400px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="350"]{ --grid-min: 350px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="300"]{ --grid-min: 300px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="250"]{ --grid-min: 250px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="230"]{ --grid-min: 230px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="200"]{ --grid-min: 200px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="170"]{ --grid-min: 170px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="150"]{ --grid-min: 150px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="100"]{ --grid-min: 100px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="60"]{ --grid-min: 60px; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="40"]{ --grid-min: 40px; } .ipsGrid{ display: grid; grid-gap: var(--grid-gap); grid-template-columns: repeat(12, 1fr); } /* Forces truncated text to work */ .ipsGrid > *{ min-width: 0; } [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]{ --grid-fill: auto-fill; grid-template-columns: repeat(var(--grid-fill), minmax(calc(var(--grid-min) + var(--grid-gap)), 1fr)); } .ipsGrid + .ipsGrid{ margin-top: var(--grid-gap) !important; } .ipsGrid > [class*="ipsGrid_span"]{ width: auto !important; margin: 0 !important; float: none !important; height: auto !important; } .ipsGrid::before, .ipsGrid::after{ display: none; } .cPromotedImages{ --grid-gap: 0px; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span1{ grid-column: span 1; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span2{ grid-column: span 2; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span3{ grid-column: span 3; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span4{ grid-column: span 4; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span5{ grid-column: span 5; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span6{ grid-column: span 6; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span7{ grid-column: span 7; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span8{ grid-column: span 8; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span9{ grid-column: span 9; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span10{ grid-column: span 10; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span11{ grid-column: span 11; } .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > .ipsGrid_span12, .ipsGrid:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > :not([class*="ipsGrid_span"]){ grid-column: span 12; } @media (max-width: 979px){ .ipsGrid.ipsGrid_collapseTablet:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > [class*="ipsGrid_span"]{ grid-column: span 12; } } @media (max-width: 767px){ .ipsGrid.ipsGrid_collapsePhone:not([data-ipsgrid-minitemsize]) > [class*="ipsGrid_span"]{ grid-column: span 12; } } /* Ensure that grids don't span wider than the viewport on mobiles */ @media (max-width: 550px){ [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="500"]{ grid-template-columns: 1fr; } } @media (max-width: 450px){ [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="400"]{ grid-template-columns: 1fr; } } @media (max-width: 400px){ [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="350"]{ grid-template-columns: 1fr; } } @media (max-width: 350px){ [data-ipsgrid-minitemsize="300"]{ grid-template-columns: 1fr; } } /* Allow profile photos to wrap on clubs */ .cClubCard .cClubCard_memberList{ white-space: normal; } /* Profile actions on mobiles */ @media (max-width: 767px){ header[data-role='profileHeader'] .ipsGrid{ display: grid !important; } } /* Profile followers */ #elFollowers .ipsGrid{ grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fill, minmax(48px, 1fr)); --grid-gap: 5px; padding: 5px; margin: 0px; } #elFollowers .ipsGrid > li{ grid-column: initial; } /* Fix gallery albums in Calendar events */ .cGalleryMiniAlbum{ --grid-min: 210px; } .cGalleryMiniAlbum > li::before{ content: ''; display: block; padding-bottom: 100%; } } Try to remove it to see the grid works.
  21. I see it works fine on your site. Try to clear your browser cache.
  22. I can not reproduce this issue, could you give me acp access so I can take a look?
  23. Broken JS, try to run Get Support to clear cache.
  24. onlyME


    No, it doesn't have the feature to import videos from other applications.
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